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Josh Sigurdson A Year Ago Did a Good Job Exposing Freemasonic Operation Dark Winter 2001 (Anthrax Scare) 2020 - COVID Scar

JamesRoss - 283 Views
Published on 15 Nov 2021 / In People and Blogs

People trying to make a career at saving Western Civilization or the Old World Order.
You got to put in an effort to break your trail through the BS from Freemasonry.

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Dive2663225 2 months ago

LOL...The United Condom..Leading the way, Trump will be back

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JamesRoss 2 months ago

It is the wrong video... will have to re upload, maybe...

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Dive2663225 2 months ago

@JamesRoss : I aint goin nowhere

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

WE know there was Dreadnought Class War Ships in the Ready before World War One in the 1800's, and from the photos we have found on Weapons, and Ships, and {Flying Bombing Zeppelins} what is called the Wars of 1865 AD was not some Civil War, but more of a way to kill off all the Remaining UNINCORPORATED People and "Populations" whom lived on after the Mud Flood Wars in 1855 AD....

Through the HARRIS FARMER'S Almanac we have determined that an era is the same as a Decade, and that we are in the Year 75,300 of this Byzantine Empire repurposed as CORPORATION "Suits" where the Fake Jews of Hollywood USA USA USA from the Book of Revelation people and this Modern Civilization of Religion wear the suits, the Bankers wear the Suits, The Teachers of our children to Professors wear the Suits...

The Military wears the Suits, and the Police that is nothing more then an Extension of these CORPORATIONS wears these suits, as does every World Leader when they meet at these U.N. Troops Gatherings of Ghouls - Monsters - Betrayers to we the People of this side of the world, and that those whom call them selves FREE MASON Lodge Members and Zionist JEWS "today" are the ones whom actually Murdered all The Builders like the Great Works of PLATO and Socrates.....

WE know from the Great Destruction in the MUD FLOOD WARS we had to use Horse and Buggy because the EMP and other Trillion Watt NASA Godzilla Lazers had wiped out all electronics on a World Wide Scale, and after Ripping Open the Heavens that made the Rains and Mud in the Days of Noahs Ark......., WE ARE and THEY LIVE were all dead Dead DEAD come the (Cover Up) /-\ of such destruction........., and that we take our De-Ja-Vu from 1893 AD as INCUBATOR Babies too the many "Minuets" of this Oraborus from 2094 CE to learn the lesson of Whom Done What as the Wheat and the Tares in the New Testament, and that all them Books of Books in the Old Testaments: are {just a fraction} [{**}] of our many Past - Present - Futures lives in this TIME LOOP made by the Source of all Creation, and The Source of All Destruction...

WE also know AT "this portion" of Purgatory here in the Days of Noah ONE LAST TIME' the many have been Mind Wiped over and over and over every Decade........,

and that there is always a 3 year period of 1890 to 1893 where each 10 Years in this Broken {Humpty Dumpty} +=+ WORLD MACHINE our voices change, our music changes, and the cars and fashion changes, but the MUD FLOOD "Buildings" remain` too REMEMBER what happened that turned our Real Home World into this Continual "Shared" Celestial Sphere Waking Walking Dream known as the Awful Horror in the NEW TESTAMENT Gospels being the MOON we all are trapped "inside" till Judgement day in 2094 CE of and for Release, or eternal Damnation in a Nightmare one can never wake forever and ever....

WE also know our ENEMY The Racka are trapped in TEMPORARY Flesh and Blood and Bones human like INVETRO Bodies, and that THEY LIVE are mortal, and must be born and raised as New Born Babies just as we of Pak-Toe...

In that knowledge, we have just [72 years] [{*}] to take them out before these "Suits" of Capitalism Destroy the world ONE LAST TIME before Judgement Day, and WE ARE are allowed to make them pay for all their Treachery / Sedition / Brutality . High Treason as "Oath Breakers" too their OATH OF OFFICE here in our World Republic Constitution Coalition Stratocracy!!!!!

We also know that all the Blond Hair and Red Hair populations and their "Civilization" were wiped off the face of this Earth by these [U.N. Troops] Qballs~ /_\ in our LOCAL Police Uniform "Suits" called Men and Womb-men In Black Ties known as Capitalist INTERNATIONALIST G4S Black Rock and Black Stone Academy Traitors to WE THE PEOPLE of this world!!!!!

#LowKARG ??

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