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John O'Looney - “I’ve Never Seen as Many Deaths.. It’s Around a 500 or 600% Increase”

Mary Tanasy
Mary Tanasy - 1,523 Views
Published on 29 Jan 2022 / In Film and Animation

He's a funeral director who runs the Milton Keynes family funeral services in Milton Keynes, England.

Interviewer: I think most of our viewers will be familiar with your viral interviews that you did in early summer and at the end of fall, in which you gave some dire warning. You also mentioned that you were in contact with a group of experts, and they said that we'd be seeing huge increases in deaths in October, November, and December. and right now we're in the middle of the cold and flu season.So have current events confirmed your fears from that time?

O’Looney: Yeah, definitely. So, what we're seeing is an ever-growing number, particularly of thrombosis deaths, interestingly. So, that comes across as heart attack, aneurysm, [Aneurysm = abnormal bulging or ballooning in wall of blood vessel.] or stroke, and they're in unprecedented numbers. I've never seen as many deaths. And not in just the elderly. It's all manner of people. People in their 20s, in their 30s and 40s, and people that wouldn't normally be dying, you know. And this was predicted and it's (it has) come to pass.

Interviewer: Right. Now, I listened to a recent interview and you said that you've seen more thrombosis deaths this year than the previous 14 years. When you say that do you mean the previous 14 years combined or a greater amount than any one of those 14 years?

O’Looney: Well, to give you an amount...I mean a greater than any one of those 14 years. The increase is phenomenal, though. It's not a two or three-fold increase. It's around a 500 or 600% increase. That kind of number. And generally, on the odd occasion, you would get a thrombosis (case). It would be an elderly person. It's not people in their 20s and 30s and 40s. And they're all jabbed. I've spoken to a couple interesting people recently. One, an A and E (accident and emergency) nurse called Michelle, and she tells me that 9 out of 10 patients presenting at A and E (admitted or arriving/showing up to the accident and emergency ward- emergency room in USA) are breathless and they are vaccine recipients.
The reason for their presenting is that they've got blood clots in them. So they give them a quick x-ray and if the blood clots are on (in) their chest they consider admitting them and if they don't, if they're not in the chest and they're in a limb then they'll send them home. But what inevitably happens then, is that these people...the clot moves from the limb to, you know, either the heart or the neck, and these people die. And I've got friends locally that work for the coroner and they're run off their feet (extremely busy) because they’re having to go out and keep picking these people up at home. They've died very suddenly from thrombosis.

Interviewer: Now, as an undertaker are you privy (informed of/have access to) to all the coroner reports of death? Is there a death certificate for each body that comes in?

O’Looney: So, not always because as a funeral director I don't need to see the death certificate, but what I do see is the coroner's paperwork. So wherever there's a sudden death, the coroner is involved, and he writes what's called a Form-6. And part of my job as a funeral director is to collate the paperwork and collate the application for cremation, because the vast majority of funerals in the UK are cremation. I'd say about 5% are burials. And that tends to be a cultural thing, you know. So, I see this paperwork and I have to go through this paperwork and check this paperwork and make sure it's correct. And I see the cause of death because it's written down by the coroner. And it's e-mailed to me. So I then print it off, check through it, and if there's a problem; if there's a mistake I would get back to the coroner and get it resent, you know.

Interviewer: Right. Are there any coroners who are whistleblowing as you are?

O’Looney: No, because they'll lose their careers. In fact, very interestingly, I've been putting pressure on the chief coroner, because I don't want to put my local coroner on the spot. Because, they know what's going on, you know. He's a good guy, my local coroner. They're good people, and I don't doubt they know what's going on. They see the vast increase in thrombosis deaths, for example. We all see it. You know, look at the young footballers (soccer players), the FIFA footballers who are dropping down like flies (dying in large numbers), for the moment (currently). These are people at the peak of physical fitness and perfection. You know, why are they dying? Why are they dropping down? I think something like a hundred and eight have died in the last six months- registered players and trainers. FIFA registered players and trainers. That's just not normal.

Interviewer: Right. In addition to these thrombosis deaths, you mention, in fact in a very recent video you mentioned the attack on the immune system that the vaccine is causing.

O’Looney: Yeah. So, I wasn't really aware of that, until I attended a meeting in September. So the phone rang in September and I was invited to a meeting in Westminster and address, in Birdcage Walk. [Birdcage Walk = a London event and conference venue]. At this meeting. There were about was reported as a group of anti-vaxxers, and these were people of the caliber of professor Dolores Cahill and Dr. Tess Lawrie, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi. You know, these are not anti-vaxxers. These are people who have built their careers on their science, and they are at the very top of their game (top of their profession). There were lots of them- 18 of them- we were given audience to meet with a guy named Sir Graham Brady who is a commissioner of the 1922 Conservative Private Members’ Committee [ Conservative Private Members' Committee, is the parliamentary group of the Conservative Party in the UK House of Commons founded 1923], so he's a very senior Tory politician.
You know, very senior (high-ranking). And we all gave testimony. We introduced ourselves. We had five minutes to speak, and voice our concerns. And it was felt that once he left the room he knew. He was,...does that mean he's complicit? He said he would do what he can but his hands are tied and he couldn't promise anything and do you know what? Nothing's changed. They're still pressing on and injecting children in schools. It was put to Sir Graham that 70% of the children vaccinated would be sterilized as a side-effect of these jabs. And wads, reams of science was put on the table to verify what they were saying, to support what they were saying.And you have to remember, that people like Delores, for example, who was advising the British government in her 20s, you know. She's a very, very...she's a genius. Tess Lawrie- she's a genius in her field. In their respective fields they know what they're talking about. You know, but they're not on the pharma payroll and they're not on the government payroll. So they're discredited.
And he was told that many children would die from myocardia, and up to 70% would be sterilized. And I was shocked. Because that wasn't, obviously, something I knew, you know, what I knew from my field as an undertaker. So it was also mentioned about the damage being done to the immune system. And that would be progressively over time - and the science was explained - and that in over two years your body cells will regenerate and the new cells that regenerate after you've been injected will carry new instruction and that new instruction will turn your immune system on you. It primes it, so you know, it will kind of slowly deplete you and symptoms of that obviously are sickness and illness, and there's your covid.

Interviewer: Yeah.

O’Looney: Don't get me wrong. There is a covid. There is a covid. There is a virus out there. And I've spoken to many people. And I've had it myself, so it is out there. But it is recoverable; it's not this deadly pandemic; it's not something that requires experimental gene therapy every 12 weeks for the next 5 years.

Interviewer: Or a complete shutdown of the economy.

O’Looney: Yeah, well that's deliberate, isn't it? Because in the UK I know...well I don't know...I can't follow world events- I've got far too much on (I'm too busy), but for example in the UK there were 400,000 small businesses that have been deliberately destroyed by the government. And yet there are 600 new billionaires.

Interviewer: Yeah.

O’Looney: You know, it's there, isn't it. And I think it's very interesting, because they keep making really big mistakes. And one of the hugest mistakes they showed recently. They're clearly trying to get rid of Boris Johnson. You know the media assassination is well underway. And one of the things they showed was all of the ministers having the Christmas party and dancing maskless last Christmas. Now, that...OK, that's going to destroy his credibility as prime minister, but what it also does, is it tells you that every minister in that room knew. And there was no risk. So, they kind of dropped a bollock (drop the ball/mess something up) there because people can see that, can see that none of them were bothered. So they all knew. They were all complicit in a terrible lie. You know, but people don't want to always see the truth. The kind of, do as they're told to do.

Interviewer: Yep. Before this interview I was thinking about bringing up something that came to my attention. I have friends in the States who have told me stories of loved ones, friends who have gone to the hospital and have basically been put under a protocol that I just invented a name for, and I call it the death protocol, but since I'm not an expert on it, I didn't think that I would mention it if not for the fact that a couple hours ago I saw a new Jon Rappoport article where he talks all about this. And he mentions a group called the Center for Medicare and Medicade services [CMS - Center for Medicare and Medicade Services = US Federal Health and social services departmnt] and they’re whistleblowers and there was a report in the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons [American Association of Physicians and Surgeons = politically conservative US association of doctors and surgeons] and let me just give you the opening quote of this article. It says, “Upon admission to a once-trusted hospital American patients with Covid-19 become virtual prisoners subjected to a rigid treatment protocol for rationing medical care for those over age 50. They have a shockingly high mortality rate.”

O’Looney: Yes.

Interviewer: And I'd like to get to some of the points of how they are promoting...not only are they promoting covid, but it seems they are promoting murder. And you mentioned...

O’Looney: It's very interesting. So Matt Hancock over here, some time ago, when he was in government. He announced that he was having all the patients from hospitals, covid patients, transferred into care homes to give them a good death. Now the Greek translation of a “good death” is the word, “euthanasia”. So he told everyone and they still never saw it because most people don't know Greek in the UK. But yeah, they are telling us what they are doing, and people are just missing it.So you've got to...sometimes people listen but they don't actually listen, you know. So that's what's happened. The death rate in care homes correlates perfectly with the use of Midazolam [Midazolam = a drug sedativum and hypnotikum] and the amount procured.
You know, it's been well-covered. Well-covered by a number of people using Freedom-of-Information Acts to obtain the numbers. You know, it is what it is, sadly; it is what it But I would agree; I've seen a growing number of people come in extemely angry with the lack of care their loved ones have had. And more harrowingly, I've had some very difficult conversations with nurses who have called me and they've described in great detail how they're putting people - I mean they put DNRs [DNR = Patient’s provision meaning: Do Not Resuscitate] on people without even asking them. You know, and then they give them things like Remdesivir [Remdesivir = antiviral medication]

Interviewer: Yeah. OK, then that's going on in the UK too, then.

O’Looney: Yeah, that's crazy, you know. Midazolam as well. You know, why would you give someone struggling to breathe a real heavy-duty sedative? There can only be one outcome, can't there? You know, that breathing gets substantially worse, because it's suppressed know, and this is why they're dying. They've got to be pretty sadistic, the people doing this. I don't doubt know, I had a couple of nurses in here a couple weeks ago, I did a funeral for, and we were talking about this in depth and they (unclear), you know they said, “You are right, what you're saying.” And one of them couldn't take her eyes off the floor. You know, 'cause they know what they're doing is wrong. And they know what they're doing is unacceptable. They are slaves to the money lender; and therein lies the trouble. I think the people in the NHS [NHS = British National Health Service] are key to saving us. They need to walk. They need to walk (go on strike) so that the job no longer holds any credibility and no weight, and tell their story, and tell it in such numbers that it cannot not be heard. So that, you know, to give the public a chance to have the truth. The informed consent they're currently not getting, you know?
When I talk to people, it's almost like a “Eureka!” moment; you can see them. Straight on they're... you know. And they realize, they realize, but the average Joe Bloggs, what do they do? They log on to the PC all day and they're working in insurance or an estate agent and then they come home and they watch Netflix or Facebook and they're not switched on. And it's only until you kind of sit down and say, well think about it logically, A, B and C. And like I say, the Christmas party. All the ministers were flying about (running around/carrying on) you know, maskless and in close proximity. Doesn't that tell you there was neve a pandemic. There was no...there is a virus. There is a virus, I know, I've had it. And it's rare; I felt rough. But it's treatable. You can survive it, because here I am. And you know, it's lies. We've been fed a stream of lies, and it's all really about finance. Because there's no gold to support the number of bank notes in circulation. And theres no money. There's no money left. The economy is on the verge of collapse. It's been propped up for a long time now, with quantitative easing and stuff like that. And it's time for the banks to draw it all back in, so the way they do that is decimate everyone; reposess all the houses and businesses, and the cycle starts again, you know?

So there's that. They're going to skip a bit of depopulation in there and implemant a social credit system for everyone at the same time. So there's a number of people involved with their little agendas, you know. Their own agendas. It's terribly sad, isn't it? The key to this is going to be people, really. I mean, that's kind of why I spoke out, because I see... the death rate, it just wasn't there (it wasn't what they were saying it was) in 2020. It wasn't there; it wasn't what we were being told. And you know, I watched people tapping on doorsteps, and nurses were fighting over who emptied the bins (emptying the garbage).
Do you know, it just wasn't a pandemic. In fact here were more deaths locally, in my burrough, in 2019, then there were in 2020, despite a terrible pandemic, you know, that ruins everyone's business, deliberately. And of course they're very careful how they've done it, you know. For the average Joe Bloggs working for an employer, you know if you're offered a chance to go sit at home on your bum, for 80% of the money, most of them will go, “Ooh, lovely, yeah. We'll have some of that.” You know, and they got sucked in, and they slowly go, 65%, 60%, 50%. And then when they want to go back to work they can't because the business is ruined. You know. And that's what's happened. So I kind of hope that there are enough patriots in America to make a real difference and save us because that’s where I think we’re going to be saved. The war is going to be won or lost in America.

Interviewer: You think the U.K is out of the picture?

O’Looney: We’ve got no weapons.

Interviewer: That’s what it comes down to.

O’Looney: Yeah, that’s what it will come down to. The biggest weapon we have is mass non-compliance. If you think about it, if you go door to door and start trying to force vaccinate people in the U.K. we’ve got no way of defending ourselves. What are we going to do? Run in to the street with clubs and knives against armed police or whatever? But in America trying to force vaccinate someone with an AR-15 is more of a challenge.

Interviewer: Is the U.K. just waiting and seeing what the canaries --- or the guinea pigs --- Germany and Austria are doing? Are they waiting until February first to see if Austria can get away with their mandate?

O’Looney: I think they are trying different approaches in different countries to see which is the most successful and then they’ll press forward with that. I would just urge everyone to keep fighting because it’s becoming harder and harder to hide, and whilst people might feel that time is short for them, trust me, it isn’t. Time is short for the people procuring this lie because they’re going to get found out. I’ve got doctors and police ringing me, nurses ringing me, all saying the same thing. It’s a total lie.

On our media, they are saying the hospitals are full of the non-vaccinated. That’s a total fabrication. It’s the polar opposite. Nine out of ten patients in there, full of blood clots, are the vaccinated. I’ve heard that from so many professionals that I’ve lost count. So, whether you choose to believe it or not, it makes it no worse. That is the truth. That is the reality. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

Interviewer: So when you say you average bloke who has a regular workaday job and wants to go home and watch Netflix, that’s one group, but you think people inside the medical establishment --- oh, boy! --- they know.

O’Looney: They do know. You have to remember, some of them are going to be fully invested in Covid. I know, certainly from my point of view as an undertaker, when Covid was first announced, I was very concerned. I’m fifty-three years old, and I’m an ex-smoker, so I’m perhaps a little bit was a real concern for me. Here’s this terrible virus where people are collapsing. We were shown footage about people in China literally dying in the streets. That just hasn’t happened, so it clearly was never true. But people have got short memories, and the hippocampus [Hippocampus = a section of the brain] of the brain is affected, and they go into that terrified flight mode, and they look you up for vaccines that are not actually vaccines, they are experimental gene therapies but relabeled so they seem more acceptable because we’ve all had vaccines as kids, myself included.
The cognitive dissonance is astounding, and certainly for me, people that I’ve known that are considered extremely academically intelligent and clued up, have got totally sucked in by it even though I’ve told them this is not the truth. Throughout 2020 there was no increase in death rate, at all. In fact, it was slightly lower in Milton Keynes, but people don’t want to take that into account. They are still convinced there was a pandemic, just a pandemic with no deaths.

Interviewer: And it doesn’t seem like there is any sort of correlation between intelligence and I.Q. and whether you are falling for the pandemic or not. It’s something else.

O’Looney: We are all wired slightly differently, and I’ve asked myself this question: Would I have perhaps gone and got vaccinated if I wasn’t a funeral director, if I wasn’t in the privileged position I’m in. Possibly. Maybe. I’ll never know, will I? I think where they fell foul with me was the massive efforts to deliberately label everyone as a Covid death. Cancer patients, heart attack victims, even one guy that was run over --- they’re all Covid deaths. And they were too enthusiastic, too keen, to label people with Covid when there was no possible way they were Covid deaths. I kind of started smelling a rat then and then that correlated with no death rate increase.

And, you know, as time went on, I kind of, I expected the death rate to soar once they began vaccinating, and I was very open about that with a number of friends in November and December of last year. And, lo and behold, they started vaccinating locally on January 6th, and the death rate immediately went through the roof. That was pandemic levels. I’d never seen anything like it. But it only began the moment they put needles in arms. So, you know, is that a pandemic? Or is that an extreme death toll to create a pandemic delivered by needle? I guess we’ll never know, but it would suggest so to me. It depends whether you’re a critical thinker or not, and I predicted everything that’s happened and continues to happen.
So, clearly, I must have a critical mind, I suppose. And I’ve also been privileged to keep the company of some really nice, very expert people who’ve reached out to me and kind of took me in the fold, and I’m privileged to attend a lot of online meetings. I don’t sit them all because I don’t need to know any more, really. I know what’s happening. It’s what are we going to do about it to stop it. Are we really going to be able to stop it? I really don’t know. I hope so. I hope so, because, you know, over here in the UK, they’re going to target children and I suspect in January the under-12s. You know, I don’t want my child sterilized.

Interviewer: You have children?

O’Looney: I’ve got a son of 11. I don’t want my child to be at risk of myocardia and death. And in the two years that this “plandemic” has been going on, I’ve not seen a single child anywhere locally that’s died from Covid, so what is the need? There is no need.

Interviewer:Yes, yes. I actually live in Japan, and just a few days ago, there was actually what looked like good news initially. There was a notice by the Japanese government, the Department of Health, that says, “From now on all doctors must warn patients who are receiving a Covid vaccine about the potential for myocarditis, pericarditis, [Myocarditis = inflamation of the heart muscle. Pericarditis = swelling of tissue surrounding the heart] etc.” And I thought, “This is amazing! What is this? The first government in the world that’s announcing this?” But then, keep reading, keep reading, and then the lower part says, “But the risk of this is extremely low, and the risk of these same diseases in children is higher from Covid itself.” Now, that came out simultaneously with the German report that said what? Ten million kids between 5 and 18, no deaths? I mean, crazy.

O’Looney: Yeah, yeah, and the trouble is governments don’t run countries, do they? It’s corporations that run countries. And therein lies the issue. Therein lies the issue. It is the Great Reset. This is the Great Reset, and very slowly people are going to lose everything, I feel, over the next 3 to 5 years. I mean, they also said at the meeting I had with Sir Graham, more chillingly, that anyone that’s had an active ingredient and not a placebo, has between 2 and 5 years to live. So, we’re at the end of the first year, and we’re beginning to see people start to get sick now. Sicker, because their immune systems are compromised now. And I’ve had a number of those people ring up. One second.
Nat, will you take this call, please? Thank you, darling. So, where was I? Yeah, so, and the way that works is, as the immune system is compromised, you lose the ability to fight off the common cold, even. And I see this in, for example, cancer patients, where they are given chemotherapy and it decimates the immune system. And I speak to people who, obviously, their families that come in and I engage with them, and they tell me, you know, “Oh, Dad was doing really well. The tumor had almost gone. And then he caught a cold.” Do you know?
And that’s what kills them. And that’s what we’re seeing in people. Again, really, really sick, repeatedly, especially more so, and the more injections they have, the sicker they get. I’ve warned everyone I could, and I’ll continue to do so. What can you do? What can you do? You know, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink, sadly. Everyone needs to make their own mind up, you know, as to what course of action they feel is best for them. But when you’re blackmailing people, telling people they can't work and they can't go food shopping and they can't go here and can't go there, and they can't see family and they can't travel- it's not actually giving them any freedom of choice, is it? So...

Interviewer: Yes. Yes. Well, I'm going to wrap this up because we translate this into German and they want me to keep it down to 30 minutes but I would like to ask one more thing. You mentioned that 3 to 5 years is what we're looking at before total control comes in, but if you listen to people like RFK Jr., C.J. Hopkins, Yeadon (the Pfizer guy), Bhakdi, they say this is crunch time right now and the next months are going to determine

O’Looney: This is! The next few months. I'll tell you what we're seeing. We're seeing a great awakening. And I've noticed this myself because I've had literally thousands and thousands of calls and emails. Well, as the great awakening comes, they have to up their game, because they sense that time is short for belief in this lie. So they're going to up their game and they're going to try everything they can. We are the 99% so there are too many of us. And I kind of do wonder, are people really going to watch their neighbors get taken to concentration camps and do nothing? I really don't know. I hope not. I hope not. If I'd had said that to them two years ago I know people would laugh at me and say, “No, no. It will never happen.”
They've built six super prisons in the UK. Six. At a time when the economy is on its knees. But now they say this is the time to invest in hundreds of millions of pounds of super prisons.

Interviewer: Yep. Yep.

O’Looney:: I'd love to hear a minister justify that, at this time in history. I'm sure they're going to need them. I'm sure they're going to need them for something. I suspect it will probably be us.

Interviewer: Any final message for fellow undertakers, coroners, or doctors or nurses who want to stop holding their head down, raise their head up and whistleblow like you? There's got to be a few out there who are close to it; who are on the fence.

O’Looney:: Yeah, so. For me, there were two main catalysts for me, that promoted me to speak out. One was a guy called doctor Sam White, who spoke out after resigning, and was immediately struck off the GMC [GMC = General Medical Council] register.
You know, I kind of looked at what he'd said, and was humbled that this man would sacrifice his career, you know? For everyone else. That inspired me. And also the appalling way the Australian people have been treated and they're putting them in concentration camps now, and where is the international outcry? There is none because they're all complicit. And these corporations are running countries. They're not run by governments. And here in the UK we've got conservative and labor, but they're two sides of the same coin, you know. So, they talk about the great reset. I'd like to think that it's time to reset the leadership and the governance. And the way to do that is going to be mass non-compliance, you know. And force them to literally snatch people from their homes. And unfortunately that horror and that terror is going to be perhaps the only thing that might, hopefully might wake people up.
Will people think it's acceptable that we're dragged off to a concentration camp in the UK? My wife can't see it. Is slowly seeing it and is growing increasingly concerned. You know. As a friend, for example a friend said, “You can come over but you've got to take a test and you've got to do this,” and do you know what? They're not company we're going to keep anymore. It's that simple because they're leading us, they're marching us headlong toward enslavement.

As regards to medical professionals and the coroners and the nurses and doctors and undertakers, I would say this to you: I chewed over a long time before I decided to speak out. It was probably a couple of months. Because I've got a critical mind. And I looked forward and I knew I had two clear choices. I could speak out now while I've still got the liberty to do so, or I could shout out of a prison wall this time next year. You know.
You can only duck and dive for so long. You will have to comply and have these very dangerous injections in you, and there's a good chance you'll get sick and die. The feeling is amongst the scientific community that it's a Russian Roulette. So when you turn up you're either lucky or you're not. And I was puzzled over how they were going to harm people that had been given a placebo. How would they do it. And then they announced...

Interviewer: the boosters.

O’Looney:The boosters, yeah. 3 or 4 a year for the next five years. And you know. Omicron has just come out. They've already got three boosters lined up for it. How is that physically possible?
It isn't unless it was pre-determined. And again, people are not thinking critically. They're in panic mode. Their hippocampus is, “Ooohhh, covid!” Ther're not thinking logically. You know, how can they announce Omicron, and then announce, “We've already got the three injections.” Doesn't that tell you all you need to know, as your government ministers are all dancing and holding each other at a Christmas party last year, while they're telling us to lock down and decimate our businesses. This is not about covid. It's not about covid. There is a covid. And yes, if you've got extreme co-morbidities [Comorbidities = coexistence of two or more disease processes, unrealated to the main illness] it will kill you.
So I would urge these people to consider, can they duck and dive for another 12 months, 18 months, before they're jabbed, and get sick and die? Or do they want to make a real difference and be on the right side of history? We're all going to die at some point anyway. You know, you,'s a journey we're all going to take. I'd rather be known for being the one man who stood up and said, “This is wrong. This is wrong. And this is why. And that's what I've chosen to do. And if my life could possibly save someone else's, somewhere, you know your child, or your family or someone across the world, then my life would have been of value.

Interviewer: Yep. Yep. It's like the professor in New Mexico who stood in front of his students and said, “Hey, I've got a great job. I'm teacher of the year. I have no real reason to want to throw this all away but if one of the women in this class can have a baby because of what I say, then it's worth it.

O’Looney: A hundred percent, yeah, a hundred percent. And this is something I've seen. Actually, one of my clients who had the first jab and just menstrually bled profusely nonstop. I had another client who came and his mum went blind. A guy I did a funeral for, they jabbed him and he went paralized from the waist down. So he was seen as vulnerable then, so they gave him the next jab and found him dead at home the next day. So clearly there are very different batches, because the range of adverse reactions is too widespread. And I've even seen tenders (A tender is an invitation to bid for a project ) that the government put out to procure the services of IT software companies to collate the projected adverse reactions.
So, what don't people see? It's there! It's in the public domain. But again, they come home, they kick off their slippers. They log onto Facebook. They log onto Netflix. As long as their mortgage is paid and they can sit under a warm duvet they don't care. And this has crept up on them now and they've gone into panic mode and they're not thinking straight. They're not thinking straight. And it's just a real shame. And I do hope that these professionals...I hope that the NHS staff walk from the hospitals and tell their story because they are key to saving so many lives, you know, mine and yours included, if they can tell their stories. If they tell their stories. But if they let their direct debits become more important than humanity, it could well be the end of us.

Interviewer: Right. Well said.Well John O'Looney, thank you for agreeing to the interview and thank you for everything you're doing to wake people up.

O’Looney: You're most welcome. Take care, and God Bless America, and God Bless Japan.

Interviewer: And God Bless you. Thanks

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