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Jim Marrs Promotes "Battlefield Earth" As a Template to Stop the NWO

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Published on 24 Feb 2024 / In People and Blogs

I suspected Marrs was cUlt-sworn the way he described the help he got from other university staff(cUlt people) during his proffessorship development.
They both say Hubbard the author of the book is a scientologist (another branch of the Mystery School cUlt, Marrs might be, say, a Rosicrucian).

Marrs and Rense also explain that a magazine call "Signal" spelled-out what would happen if Hitler lost WWII... sounds like it was fairly accurate. Should hunt that down.
Hitler was not supposed to win the war and was a puppet of the NWO-Agenda21... The Nazi an Hitler were freemason sheepdogs regulating the war just like Churchill was a Freemason who made the Cao Dai religion rather than converting over to Islam(which is a Mystery School creation, too)

So who is running the show? Not ET aliens... Homo capensis are the ancient failed-mankind who lost their Lumania civilization due to the Velikovski cataclysms. What we have running the Mystery School cUlt are the wicked and selfrighteous Remnant-Lumanian who like to call themselves Nephylem in the bible.
Karen Hudes exposes them to be behind banks, politics, and call the shots on any of their rigged wars based upon religions and finances:

Homo capensis has been around from the beginning of all Homo sapiens civililizations which grew into cities which were designed to create an economy from which they could parasite and hide within as the secret rulers with puppet rulers. These ancient geniuses could create a small cult of servants in those cities who got/get benefits for helping the monsters get riches and rule the city's sheeple..

There is such a strong parallel between the book "Battlefield Earth" and the Homo capensis rule with now Ai-technology that Jim Marrs had to say it was one of the greatest books around... (written by another insider). Marrs is an insider, too. But in this case the cUlt is not lying to the sheeple as much, I estimate.


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