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Jim and Diane, WALK AND TALK, May 24, 2024, (GRASS); Ryan; Germ Theory; Meats; Enemy of the State

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Published on 24 May 2024 / In People and Blogs

(*** Specific - short-growing lawns:
A Kurapia lawn will only grow 2 to 3 inches tall, which is perfect for homeowners who want a short, neat lawn replacement without the work of traditional turfgrass …
Nov 21, 2023 Types of No-Mow Grass Alternatives - Lawn Love
Creeping Mazus - It grows just 2 inches high (so no mowing required!) and can spread up to 24 inches within the first two years.
Jun 24, 2023 Beautiful, No-Mow Alternatives to a Grass Lawn - Real Simple)
*** Ryan Messano update
*** Germ Theory Revisited - QUIT TRUST YOUR DOCTOR -
*** Nitrites/Nitrates in ‘cured’ meats (hot dogs, ham, bacon)
Senior NSA Assistant Director Thomas Reynolds meets in a public park with Congressman Phil Hammersley to discuss a new piece of counterterrorism legislation that dramatically expands the surveillance powers of American intelligence agencies over individuals and groups. Hammersley remains committed to blocking its passage, arguing that the potential benefits of the bill aren't worth sacrificing the privacy rights of ordinary citizens. Reynolds, wanting the bill passed to obtain a long-delayed promotion, has a team of agents loyal to him murder Hammersley and stage his death as a car accident following a heart attack. Labor lawyer Robert Clayton Dean is working with his firm on a case involving restaurant owner and mob boss Paulie Pintero. Dean meets with his ex-girlfriend, Rachel Banks; Rachel works for "Brill", a man Dean occasionally hires to conduct surveillance operations but has never met in person. She delivers a tape incriminating Pintero for labor racketeering, which Dean threatens him with to ensure the mobster agrees to a favorable settlement. Reynolds and his team spot a biologist swapping out a tape from a remote wildlife camera stationed across the lake from the murder scene. They identify him as Daniel Zavitz. When Zavitz views footage of the murder, he immediately contacts a journalist to publicize the tape. Reynolds' team intercepts the call and rush to Zavitz's apartment. Zavitz transfers the video to a disc and hides it in an NEC TurboExpress game console before fleeing. He bumps into Dean, his old college friend. Panicked, Zavitz slips the disc into Dean's shopping bag without his knowledge. He runs into the path of an oncoming fire truck and is killed instantly, while Reynolds has Zavitz's journalist contact murdered. [Read more ...]

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