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Jeffrey Prather & Dustin Nemos Discuss the Newest Coup Attempt, and What Comes Next.

Dustin Nemos
Dustin Nemos - 2,950 Views
Published on 28 Nov 2020 / In News and Politics

In this interview Jeffrey Prather & Dustin Nemos Discuss the Newest Coup Attempt, and What Comes Next.

Be ready, Deplorables!

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 3 years ago

Psychological WAR FARE in the 21st Century

If we wanted to [be removed] Qball~ /_\ from all RELIGIOUS Thoughts….., then we would have to put away the Word Purgatory…..., and approach {our dilemma} of being Trapped in a broken Holodeck called our Celestial Sphere THE GREAT WORK of a “Broken” Machine that we all live this Virtual Reality as Holographixs cause our Dead Human Bodies [lay waste] +=+ in the INNER Earth between the Bottom of PLANET Earth that is this {Great Machine} part of our Home World called PLANET EARTH in Free Mason Code…….., and that this Holographix Life we are all living where we have De-Ja-Vu [over and over] [{**}] each time we get recreated by The EDISON Machine of Forced Slave Labor somewhere Deep under Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA is the BIOS to this madness of Fake People……., and Fake Jews…., and Fake News..., and in that line of thought.., none of us are real., and these Holographix Flesh, and Blood, and Bones Body Temple Avatars are mechanically and technologically corrupted……..., and this is why no one on TV to our ZOOM Chanting Screens can speak (the truth) [{*}] that there is no Outer Space, and (COVID19) is a Byproduct of growing up breathing Toxic Corporate “Waste” where Communism + Fascism = CAPITALISM!!!

Now, as The Oracle for the End of An Age, I am willing [too consider] we have all been long dead for Eons upon Eons, but that does not change that this CONSTRUCT “we live in” is in dire need of Repair, and Parts, and that I must see this MACHINE the {Inner Earth} World where our Dead Human Actual Bodies and Corporeal REMAINS Reside’ for if this conclusion is the Correct one, and PURGATORY is but my “wishful” thinking of Redemption, Reconsideration, and Reconciliation, or remaining The Cursed, and The Damned, and The Forsaken for all time where you ALWAYS come back as you, and I ALWAYS come back as me, then my being “chosen” by the Source of ALL CREATION and ALL DESTRUCTION that has nothing to do with {Gods and Goddesses} for those are just more Ink on Paper imaginations in our WEST WORLD synthesis… Now in a [Broken] /-\ Holographix Emanation life, this would explain all the madness of {The Impossible Channel} by James on YouTube… It would also explain why CERTAIN people [can not reflect] in the mirror, and why CERTAIN types of “eyes” can go SOLID BLACK for we are trapped in a Video Game, and whomsoever made “The Great Rift” in our Celestial Sphere, we can never escape here cause we are all already born DEAD as the CORPORATIONS that we all are…

Moreover, regardless of Eye Colors, the Green eyes with “Red Hair” are almost extinct, and the Blond Hair Blues eyes await the same fate, and now where we had 8% BLUE EYED people remaining in all human Skin Tones and Hair Colours……., we are now in 2020 C.E. down to only {6% worldwide} of BLUE EYED People like me dying out, and walking among you Brown Eyed People with BLACK HAIR ONLY no more… These are Facts we can research and investigate…..., and we also know that ALL PEOPLE came from we the BLUE EYED People, so what happens to this “Purgatorial” when all BLUE EYED People are DEAD DEAD DEAD for by ways of Eugenics we have weakened the Human Genetics….., and once no more BLUE EYES Metabolism [is among] / * \ we the People of this World, and let us say: All the Light Skins die out too, and then all Fair Hair People, then we will only have BLACK HAIR Dark Skin “Brown Eyed” people too live out the Final days in 2094 C.E.

It is beyond me why EVERY ONE on these {TV Screens} will not work as a Collective from CORBERT REPORT to AMTV to JON LEVI and ODDTV and The Truth is Stranger Than Fiction; as well as, Quantum of Consciousness, and say: What we know is we “never” went to the moon, everything on TV and Books are lies – deceptions – misdirection…., and start looking at the WHOLE of this Holographix CONSTRUCT Simulation Work, and demand WE THE PEOPLE have a right to go into the D.U.M.B.S. and see our DEAD “Real” Bodies that keep getting regenerated in this Never Ending REPEATING of our De-Ja-Vu lives situation, for since the Oracle has the New {Source Code} for our Purgatorium, we can STOP all the Lies, and create a [NEW GAME] where we have a world of wonder known as OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition..., and no more FREE MASONIC Lies of Fake Space, Fake Jews, Fake Answers to the “Questions” WE THE PEOPLE all do so seek for I know I have been here before just as you do.., and are we going to continue to keep Repeating the Same {Mistake of Theories} rather then Factology, and NEVER fix this machine we are all born into forever and ever.?.?.?

Johnny Exodice

It is evident to me that [all people] are now starting too read The BOOK OF EXODICE, and yet, we continue all these LIES as LIARS [for the many] wish to be DRONES Locked In and with LOCK STEP???, and THEY LIVE plan to live out “Their Days” having Toxic CORPORATION WASTE Sprayed in our Skies as the real cause of Death and Covid-19 (Lung Issues) +=+ as Pollution grows from now till the End of all life in 2094 A.D ??????? Surly you’m whom read, and Ponder, and Contemplate all my “written works” know THIS MACHINE we live in is BROKEN, and this is why the U.N. FLAG is not the SOLUTION, it is the PROBLEM for the UNITED NATIONS controls all Printed Works except mine……..., and I tell you: the many are under RAPTURE known as Code + Magic + Alchemy = Sorcery, and if we the “nonmason” CORPORATE Citizens of our Nations do not STOP [The Craft] of these MASONS, and their TV Media {NEWS} World Order Witchcraft…….., Than we all die., and so do they, and what “purpose” was all our Struggles and Hopes when we are Virtual Beings not Celestial Beings [in this place] of Hell, and Hades, and The WORLD OF THE DEAD where Screens give us illusions, and delusions, and none “but me” can SEE IT ALL for what this place actually is.?.?.?.?

The Sentinel….

If you the PERSON reading this, think this is more “palatable” then being in a place called PURGATORY, then our Celestial Sphere is just a {Virtual Reality} that we made before we all died out in the REAL WORLD, yet Either Way: Judgment or no Judgment, I will not let you do JADE HELM 15 and PROJECT BLUE BEAM and Agenda 21 + 30 for all time when WE HAVE A WAY OUT!!!

The only way to save the BLUE EYED PEOPLE “regardless” of Skin Tone is too start telling the TRUTH that this place is a SIMULATION……., and that WE THE PEOPLE can access the [Control Panels] to our Virtual Reality Nightmare…..., and we can all STOP living the life of DRONES; otherwise, all I can do is “watch” you’m all die out once more in (2094 C.E.) and hope I become a Better SOURCE of All Creation, and All Destruction then this [last one] if our WORLD can take one more MUD FLOOD Cataclysmic WAR of the Worlds…

The Society of nonmason~

Remember, Remember, The 5th of December 2020 A.D. where we REMEMBER our Dead humans for this place in not just Virtual, it is Metaphysical; AS WELL AS, Made of Materials…

Johnny Exodice LIVES!!!



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victoriousballa68 3 years ago

Thank you, love from Albuquerque New Mexico. WWG1WGA!

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