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Jay Dyer - Proof: The Great Reset Plan is 100 Years Old - Alex Jones Show (05/26/22)

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Published on 28 May 2022 / In Spiritual
The Open Conspiracy - H.G. Wells (1933) pdf:

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Little Bright Feather
Little Bright Feather 1 month ago

Lincoln was eh first Communist in office and all this began with HIM! He was a brutal torturer and Dictator.
The Founders established from the beginning TWO SEPARATE American Nations= North and South. Lincoln was NEVER the president of the CSA South nation - the Christian Nation.
Lincoln invaded it and verbally made new laws and borders ! He hated and never followed the US Constitution - he tore it up and stomped it under his feet and burned it - he followed his beloved Communist Manifesto and DC has to this day.
The 1787 Constitution was a dictated cabal document forced on the Founders who were allowed to attend but had no input. The ORIGINAL REAL CONSTITUTION was the Articles of Confederation - the Founders wrote that one. So going forward we will still be under the Lincoln Communist format. As long as Lincoln is in the line up and picture, there will be no real freedom ! No one will still NOT be allowed to know our TRUE REAL history ! It will still be the Lincoln Reconstruction ! Communist Dictator Lincoln will still remain their god and have the leaders protection and cover up ! So don't be disappointed when you see all the promises NOT kept as to a "new world" other then all the High Tech that will be forced on you !. AGAIN - the 1776 Constitution is NOT the original Constitution as you are already being brainwashed into believing. This is a OWG ! Everyone and every nation loses their Sovereignty and culture ! I am NOT looking forward to it ! The Hawaii Kingdom may FINALLY get their Sovereignty back since they seceded back in Jan 1, 2012 that DC rejected and ignored - - just as they have ignored the Sovereign CSA South Nation since 1860 and actually from the very beginning when the Founders established TWO SEPARATE American Nations - north and South. They have NEVER been "one nation" Britain even approved of it in 1606. Only the Communist DC refused to recognize anything that they did not create or do themselves. The Founders rejected the cabal's 1797 Constitution and they then write the Bill of Rights.It took them years to get the cabal to promise to annex it to the Constitution that the cabal wrote. To this day they have never officially annexed it and the one used in the WH does not have the Bill of Rights with lit. The Founders were all honorable men and thought others were too, they were too trusting thinking they could
made a deal with the devil and have the devil keep his word ! THAT is the fights they had at that Constitutional Convention that the cabal called for and ran and controlled.
Everything we face today Lincoln set up in his 1861 coup and take-over. WE are still under the Lincoln govt system which is Communist ! No one will be allowed at any time to know our TRUE history - all of DC covers up for Lincoln and obviously will continue to do so !
Trump loves and worships Lincoln ! So that says it all.

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