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Jan6 Was An Inside Job - High Ranking Agent Provocateur

David Knight
David Knight - 210 Views
Published on 09 Jan 2023 / In News and Politics

OUTLINE of today's show with TIMECODES

Trump knew exactly how to win the "War on Drugs" 33 years ago although he didn't do it when President and is now pushing more of what's been done for 50+ years 2:14

Merrick Garland boasts of 950 Jan6 arrests so far, US DC Attorney says it will hit 2,000 9:58

What the arrest of Ashli Babbit's mother tells us 18:26

The seditious conspiracy trial of the proud boys. 19:11

Trump says he can end CRT and gender grooming in schools by cutting funding. 22:37

Appeals Court strikes down Trump’s unconstitutional gun control by Executive Order — the unconstitutional bump stock ban. 32:43

Another billionaire that the right thinks is their savior — Elon Musk’s torrid love affair with the Chinese communist dictatorship as he appoints Chinese Tesla head into #2 position of the company, second only to him. Another EU bureaucrat says Musk has pledged to censor whatever they demand 44:12

NFL makes a hero out of Damar Hamlin but refuses to look at WHY it happened — we've seen this before with autism 50:34

NFL, BigPharma, government may have meant it for evil, but God is already using it for good. 54:45

Three active-duty Massachusetts law enforcement officers die suddenly within seven days. 1:04:29

New analysis shows studies of Covid-19 vaccine induced myocarditis hit a critical safety signal, yet doctors ignored it. 1:07:12

WHO says anti-vaccine activism has become a killing force, equates with terrorism 1:21:07
It's FAR from over — McDonald’s is partnering with a White House to push vaccines 1:27:44
President of South Sudan arrested six journalists over leak of his leak (wetting himself in public). 1:32:18
What has this done to the price of gasoline? How has it embedded itself into the price. 1:38:37

After 15 grueling House speaker votes, America’s long national nightmare can finally begin. 1:49:41

Kevin McCarthy reportedly agreed to spending caps that would limit future aid to Ukraine as part of the deal with ultra-conservative lawmakers. 1:53:59

Justin Amash says former House leaders would team up to stop him from ending surveillance on Americans from both sides. 2:02:18

World to End: Women & Minorities Hardest Hit. Climate change puts women at risk for domestic violence, WaPo says, NYT says breeding short people is key to saving planet 2:16:55

Forget micro-breweries, we need micro-refineries to produce fuel locally 2:20:38

Desantis appoints six conservative academics as board members to transform a college in Florida that I'd never heard of. 2:33:23

Pedo-Hollywood: Will Romeo & Juliet Bankrupt Paramount? California suspends statute of limitations for sexual abuse of children cases. This could destroy the fortunes of several stars and bankrupt some movie theatres.

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