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IT IS FINISHED Presents: Reactions And Magnetic Nanoparticles

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Published on 12 May 2021 / In People and Blogs

The Saving Message, The Gospel

Jesus Christ The Son of God, God In The Flesh Died For Our Sins, Was Buried And Rose The Third Day. The Moment You Put Your Faith And Trust In Jesus Christ Alone You Receive The Free Gift Of Eternal Life. Once You Are saved, You Are Forever Saved And You May Know You Have Eternal Life By Believing In Jesus. You Cannot Earn Your Way To Heaven By Any Good Works Or Lose Salvation Once You Have It. Once Saved Always Saved!

John 3:16​, John 3:18​, Acts 16:30-31, Ephesians 1:13​, Ephesians 2:8-9, John 6:37​, John 6:47​, 1 John 5:13​, 1 Corinthians 15:1-4

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ouivalerie 1 month ago

For sure it's too strong....People have to sit for 15 minutes? Or pass out? It reminds me of liquor drinkers that think they can handle liquor and it's a poison but they want the high cause it calms their nerves.....They were probably too aggressive and that's why the bad nerves. Go-getters I call them...out chasing the money, the dream.....It's not helping people to create a lot of burden sickly either. The system knows that so they must have their end in mind....If I had to take a pass/fail test if this is meant to kill people I would say it is.....Maybe we'll all get lucky and it's one big nothing burger and their bodies can process this and shed all the toxins.

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