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It's Not About a Virus!

Truth Seekers Worldwide
Published on 11 May 2021 / In News and Politics

People exclaim in frustration that "none of this makes any sense!" Well that depends on how you look at it. Polly will explain in this video.

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ouivalerie 1 month ago

The lockdown was to end jobs....The new jobs are planned for one day if they rebuild....When this many people have internet it's been education for them how things work. People think there's a virus problem and it's not. It's about ending civilization every time they want to start building it from scratch again to keep the surface cattle busy in the mill grind. How they do it is burn, flood, sicken, starve....wreck everything.....When they know there's not jobs, and not this up and coming fake technology future, is exactly why they want to end people's lives. They want working people in a daily grind. In cities or mining or factories and dependent on money. Spreading drugs is part of how they always end people in a whole town factory, mining, etc. Also war, and doctor's triage ending people. The industry don't want lawsuits lingering...they help people to die or trick people to die. They know they reincarnate people anyway but when incarnated they run a system that keeps people busy in the daily grind. "They" is run from underground that's an eternal secret what's doing what down there on super computers with the spaceships, basically long lived vampires that need blood and loosh energy to live a longer. It takes being a predator to run a technology system. "The whole world is a giant blood and loosh factory" Steven D Kelley, People would not be hanging in cities if they had a chance to get out. People would just explore, nomad and hang out tribal, realizing personal alliances yield a lot more power to the groups. What motivates hanging in cities is basically sex lives or drugs or money chasing. These things are kidnappers from divine interested living. Trees are natural antennas, etc....People can ask spirits if they are telepathic enough where to go, how to get there, what's possible, what to do.....Angelics are watching everything but technology has taken over from the underground and blocks divine connections from human awareness, to get them involved in the building city, factory and mining systems, or medical or chasing financial as long as they are occupied and controlled by what they want and their greatest need is blood, loosh, and human DNA to trade. Seems to boil down to adrenaline or energy of predator on other's adrenaline, or even their energy field (loosh), and DNA has antibodies if they get sick can use another's antibodies. The ethereal angelics sort of break through a little but humans are not able to be human, they are made to be slaves to a lifetime of labor in a mill that benefits the underground vampires with the spaceships.....It's quite a mill of vampires here blocking out divine spirits....Steven D Kelley claims if we don't get under Getty Museum in Brentwood LA, CA at this main elite base going down for miles, they will keep just running a war on the surface and we will never get divine living back.....All this talk about clearing tunnels on some religious sites is maybe about, takeovers and power grabs between militaries and doesn't seem like they want to show or leave evidence, lest people figure it out that the whole world is a killing field but most of it hidden in the underground, with super technology for millions of years because it's called the devil trying to get over on god...Technology requires predator systems and secrets....The whole earth don't need it, maybe cause use it, but the way a predator system is run, vampires live a long time not to lose their memories in the birth amnesia and that is connected to karma which is what and intention in someone's thinking, which is where energy goes. Agendas conflict...Not underground, they get along, except with divine angels, they know what's up for how this is run. The battle is really divine vs technology....One has harmony and it's peaceful and the other has war, secrets, predator systems, heirarchy systems, all scientists microchipped....genetic engineering abominations....

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Yakv1710 1 month ago

Your awesome and right on the money the evil behind this must be eliminated from this planet! We need God and his grace now more than ever.

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