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ISMAEL PEREZ - On King Arthur, Knights of the Round Table, Holy Graal, Brotherhood of Light

Morpheus 9-11
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Published on 04 Oct 2022 / In Spiritual

See Timestamped discussion breakdown below:

A discussion of how the True history (as revealed by Lord Michael via The Winds of Truth) of the Arthurian Legends fit into his historical research for his two books Our Cosmic Origin (2021) and The Secret Government (2007). Also discussed the Heavenly Hierarchy of the 12 (now 13) Solar Lords and their role as the Brotherhood of Light/Great White Brotherhood in history in the Great Battle of Dark and Light. For more information on this subject, please see the playlist on King Arthur/Lord Arhura.


00:00 - Introduction, summary of prior discussions, King Arthur in Books 1 & 2, Solar Lords, etc.
05:00 - Ismael comments of Solar/Angelic Hierarchy
08:24 - Great White Brotherhood, Brotherhood of Light, Urantia material
10:40 - Divine Masculine/Feminine pairs descended from the Cosmic Lords as Parents.
11:30 - Details on the 13th Cosmic Ray, Lord Gabriel and what is to come in New Earth. This revelation diverges from what it told in The Winds of Truth.
14:37 - Melissa summarizes research for discussion to clarify some history
21:30 - Ismael comments on Current Times and relation to the Brotherhood of Light, King Arthur, The White Knights throughout history all the way from Divinity
25:00 - Melissa summarizing Ch 19 in OCO for Ismael to comment - New Federated Regions
26:45 - Ismael - Founding Fathers and the Millenium Project c.1300 New World
28:00. - Melissa King Arthur research - Winds of Truth - The Pen is Mightier than the Sword, use "Escaburre" justly, Fight the Good Fight LightWarriors/TruthSeekers
30:45 - Princess Diana's real lineage and the Windsor Imposters
32:00 - General Discussion Ismael/Melissa
42:30 - Ismael - OCO - New Edition being reprinted Oct '22
46:37 - The Council of 13 - New Earth roundtable featuring all currently embodied Solar Lords
48:30 - General Discussion Ismael/Melissa
50:25 - Next discussion to focus on Chapters 18 & 19 OCO and TSG (Both of Ismael's Books) and the New World of Federated Regions/Council of 13 Round table Leadership (Solar Lords embodied)
51:16 - Ismael's closing comments and warnings about Galactic Federation Imposters, General Discussion Ismael/Melissa
53:34 - Ismael's Class information.

Refer to below for all references:

Ismael's info -

YouTube Channel:
Project Resotration_Zion
Course and Book:


Interview by Melissa Rotondaro - Wings of Light - YouTube
research info

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Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy (7)
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