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Is there a Coordinated Attack on Property Rights? - Appears So

SJWellFire: Final Days Report
Published on 18 Apr 2024 / In News and Politics

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8 Reasons to Destroy Property Rights
It appears to be a coordinated effort to get you off the land. Communist Manifesto wants to abolish property rights, abolish inheritance of property and last confiscate land from rebels. Remember how just about everyone with a pulse is a potential domestic terrorist especially those that believe the Bible is true. I wonder is you don’t take poke for the next plandemic, will you be a domestic terroist. We’ll cover 8 ways to take you off your land in the following buckets: Regulation (drugs, ousted for illegals, plandemic, squatters, green), Increase cost to live and destruction.
Satan want do destroy Land Rights Land Ownership for the Bible Allows it…
In the book of Numbers (specifically chapters 26, 27, and 36), we find guidance on land distribution among the tribes of Israel. As the nation prepared to settle in the Promised Land, a census was taken to allocate land based on population. Each household (extended family) received a plot of land sufficient to support itself. Unlike in other societies where land was owned by nobles and worked by commoners or slaves, Israelite families owned their means of agricultural production. Importantly, the land could not be permanently lost due to debt, taxation, or voluntary sale.

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