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Is Nayib Bukule the Batman of Bitcoin? First anniversary of BTC as Legal Tender El Salvador, 6-5-22

saintjerome Crypto experiences
Published on 05 Jun 2022 / In Technology

It has been one year since Nayib Bukule introduced Bitcoin as legal tender in El Salvador! Although there have been ups and downs, in my opinion, it has been very positive for the country of El Salvador. The official Bitcoin Wallet of El Salvador named El Chivo has been adopted by 2 million people which is roughly one third of the population of the country. Before Bitcoin, only 30% of the country was banked but now using Bitcoin and digital devices, 70% of El Salvador is banked. The popular app Strike is also helped adoption as it is very easy to purchase and accept Bitcoin in this app. Then if you wish, it is easy to convert Bitcoin back to US dollars. This is the perfect app for El Salvador. I have a discount code listed below for Strike, if you sign up using my code, you will receive 10.00 and I will receive 10:00. That's a win win.
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partypoet66 2 months ago

hi would you like to hear somebody who shares your ideology
my name is Marcus and I'm a flat earther istarted my own channel
I don't really harp on the fact of the shape of the planet but I discuss other topics
like,the elites that should not be came here in 1750
and the government is willing to buy you the house of your choice or a car of your choice and a whole lot of other stuff of your choice
just by filling out a tax form and it's perfectly legal
I'm serious it's just that easy
please go take a look and see what they're really hiding on you
if we don't organize the 20 or 30% that don't want the freaking vax .....we're headed towards a hopeless ending
and if you found anything of Interest or if you have any questions feel free to comment thank you

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