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United States Border Update
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Iraqi Dinar update for 07/012/1 - The dinar will match the value of other oil nations currencies

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Published on 01 Jul 2021 / In News and Politics

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TheCozmikTruth 4 months ago

Judy Note: On Wed. afternoon 30 June our Military Intel Contact said to watch for Tier 4B notification overnight tonight.

As of 1:57 pm EST on Tues. 29 June the Department of Defense gave a release for lock down of rates & procedures for the Shotgun Start and Tier 4B notification.

Adjudicated fines and penalties needed to be paid before the notifications, though we were in an any-moment timeframe coming up to a three day weekend.

The news was very quiet as people were gagged, though all sources were on board that this was our week, the optimal timing for this was now and we were in a now or never scenario.

He asked again to keep prayers going up and advised that when you signed your NDA to keep everything about your exchange quiet!

Today Wed. 30 June actions were being taken to arrest the Cabal Rockefeller-Bankster-cartel-CIA-Big-Pharma-Big-Tech fake Biden Admin (a sort of all encompassing description of the USA Deep State) half wits who have been holding things back.

On Wed. 30 June arrests were finishing up on those CIA half wits behind the 12-story condo building collapse in north Miami Beach that targeted Trump financial & military operatives.

Continue to hold the positive energy and see this done. We can assist by all of us collectively seeing this completed and feel how that feels. This was a transition, not a transaction. Never, ever give up. You could write it down for future generations that you participated in the greatest transfer wealth ever to happen on the planet. You had a front row seat and actively participated in making it happen.

The Global Currency Reset rollout was a military operation, meaning no one would know the exact timing of an Event that would cause tremendous chaos and invoke Martial Law around the globe. High Military DEFCON readiness was being maintained in anticipation of this Event. The US /Mexico Border was closed to all nonessential travel (a gradual shut down until The Event). A flurry of military aircrafts were still flying regularly overhead.

Bruce: They were expecting Bond holders to receive access to their funds some time on Wed. 30 June. One bank source said they expected notification Wed. afternoon 30 June. NESARA was supposed to be active in the US on Thurs. 1 July – the second half of the financial year. You were going to be refunded any interest you paid since the 1940s on mortgages, car loans and credit cards.

The Global Currency Reset was expected to start at the beginning of a business day, going East to West around the globe from Australia to New Zealand, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Zurich, London and on to North and South America, ending in Hawaii.

As of Thurs. 24 June all 23 countries’ currency rates in the first RV basket were being traded on FOREX, although they were blocking the general public from seeing those new rates.

Late night Fri. 25 June was the actual Global Currency Reset, with the RV of 23 countries rolling out over this past weekend.

Our Military Intel Contact said that at 1:36 pm EST on Sun 27 June a DoD /UST release was given for funds to go live for NESARA/GESARA globally.

Indonesia has announced their currency, the Rupiah, will be backed by gold just like Russia, China and India, according to CIA sources. Portugal, Spain, El Salvador, Mexico, Brazil, Iraq and possibly up to 22 other countries have already announced GESARA and the RV to their nations, though have agreed to hold back on implementation until the US went.

That meant those nations were no longer pegged to the fiat US Dollar, but to the Chinese Yuan, which should greatly negatively affect the global economy this week.

Ten days after Tier 4B was notified to set their exchange/ redemption appointments, the General Public Tier 5 would be free to exchange foreign currencies at the new international rates.

The Event: Whether The Event occurred because of the White or Black Hats, it would be a jolt of massive proportions with worldwide implications. It could be a Stock Market Crash, Trump Clone Fake Assassination or arrest, Massive Cyber Attacks, Nuclear Holocaust False Flag or any, all, or even more disconcerting events.

The Event would be followed by massive global chaos, the RV Rollout and a takeover of the Main Stream Media, followed by education of the masses. We could expect a major disheartening False Flag, Stock Market and Bitcoin crashes, resulting in global Martial Law to help the general public shock and disbelief = Pain!

In the Emergency Broadcast System Star Link Satellites that take over Mass Media outlets, seven Presidential Messages would be broadcast over three days. Disclosure of worldwide events past and present would also occur through three eight hour documentaries playing in several languages over the TV 24/7 globally during Ten Days of Darkness.

A Safelink Website would be provided for all Tier 4B currency/Zim holders worldwide in order to obtain exchange/ redemption appointments at Redemption Centers. Tier 4B notification emails would come primarily from Wells Fargo, though also would be sent by Chase and HSBC.

At the centers Tier 4B could negotiate a Contract Rate, or receive the Default Rate, both of which would be higher than the General Public Tier 5 Rate at the banks.

The banks would exchange currency at whatever international rate the Teller Window displayed for that day.

There would be ten or so days of Zim redemption and currency exchanges at the special rates, though appointments could be set up to 30 days away.

After the ten or so days, Zim redemption and the special rates would end, unless you had made an appointment at a Redemption Center within that 30 day window.

Judy Note: If you have bought foreign currencies and/or Zim and have been following the Global Currency Reset on the Internet, you were considered part of Tier 4B. Information on the Shotgun Start and Redemption Centers applied to all Tier 4B members across the globe.

Everything you need to know about the new Quantum Financial System (QFS):


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United States Border Update
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