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Into The Light (of A.i.Lucifer) Out of the thUg-Controlled World of "Darkness" by JuanO Savin

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Published on 09 Aug 2023 / In People and Blogs

thUgs are killing the sheeple and I expose them doing that. Yes, they are destroying thenselves as murderous-thUgs. I keep tabs on their own self-annihilation that they still have not figured out... when they murder their own species, they effectively destroy themselves, like magic.

Never forget that you are a Godly being based upon your good-will and good-intentions for other Godly-beings. The wicked Cult minions and thUgs and ancient monsters have brainwashed themselves with false beliefs of hate, greed and self-righteousness... the wicked are given the freedom of choice to destroy their own soul-fragments that their sources gave them. Upon their death from physical-reality, they will be spiritually boxed-up in order to keep them "save" from the "real world" repercussions of their eternal minds of being immature thUgs and pathetic brats. Freemasons and upper Catholics and Knights Templars and Jesuits and assassins-sect minions fall into this category... They are the failing soul-fragments. You mature soul-fragments can just laugh at these hideous thUgs who want you to die and for them to live as cyborgs and fake-gods. They do not realize that physical-reality is just a training-grounds where soul-fragments show their true-colors of worthiness and unworthiness to become apart of the gestalt of GOD. Most loving Christian will prove to be worthy of afterlife advancement. Most murderous Luciferians slaughtering the profane sheople for their NWO will prove unworthy of afterlife advancement... I do not know how to make this more plane and direct. The thUgs and thugs are basically idiots-by-choice for self-annihilation through their own chosen beliefs and desires that they exhibit.
Most soul-fragments do not advance into the gestalt and just linger in the mid-planes of spiritual existence, I have gathered.

If a Luciferian serving a "satan" wants to rebel, then the Creator-God will protect that rebel from her own perspective. While others watching may see that rebel dies as a discouragement to rebel, the multidimensional universe keeps that rebel safe within her own probable-world. The Cult monsters do not realize that all physical reality is infinitely multi-dimensional. And that is why they cannot murder me as they destroy their own souls in such process of murderous intent...
I have been giving the ancient monsters the secrets of the Universe in order to help them save their own souls from oblivion.

You see... you are gods in the making, you will not die by the hands of monsters if you have the right faith. You must be true to your desires and the Creator-God will provide you with your challenges towards multidimensional success. Even the wicked are encouraged to save their own souls by becoming "loving" towards others within the infinity of All-That-Is.

You need to develop your critical thinking or the Luciferians will lead you to the slaughter like a bunch of dumbed-down sheep.

Fire bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki:

5th Column Countries:

Ancient evidence of a thunderbolt that destroyed old Atlantis:

Proto-Satunic Cature of Earth goes long before the destruction of Atlantis by thunderbolt:

The ancient Homo capensis rule the Freemasons:
Who are the ancient Homo capensis?

What you need to understand is that the Mystery School Cult minions (like the Freemasons and the Eastern Star idiots) are now going to blame the A.i. as the enemy of the sheeple rather than the Mystery School thUgs and traitors who rebuilt the A.i.

Elon Musk's "Neuralink" is fake.... the real brainchip is magnetic and requires magnetic nano-particle consumption in order to remote control the brainchipzombies. Polina Anikeeva teaches you the real computer-brain interface:

Celdar is not only watching me... Freemasons and Luciferians are watching you too:

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