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Interview With Dr. Hector Carvallo: Pioneer In Ivermectin, Iota Carrageenan, Bromhexine And COVID-19

Michael Williamson
Michael Williamson - 162 Views
Published on 22 Oct 2021 / In Science

Dr. Hector Carvallo. the investigator and author of the IDEA Trial and IVERCAR Trial, two ground-breaking studies on Ivermectin for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19. He has done substantial work on Ivermectin, Iota Carrageenan, Bromhexine, and more for both prophylaxis and treatment of COVID-19! He was one of the first researchers to do significant work on treating and preventing COVID-19 with Ivermectin. He not only will help us in understanding the science and evidence behind these therapies, but will also give us a glimpse into the challenges they have faced in getting this cheap, broadly available therapeutic approved on a larger scale! Do not miss this tremendously interesting discussion!
*IDEA Trial - Ivermectin, Dexamethasone, Enoxaparin, Aspirin for COVID-19
*IVERCAR Trial - Ivermectin and Iota Carrageenan Prophylaxis for COVID-19

The list of questions Dr. Carvallo will be answering/discussing:
• Tell us a little bit about yourself.
• What first peaked your interest in Ivermectin as a possible therapeutic for COVID-19?
• Did you meet resistance when you first started using Ivermectin to treat COVID-19?
• What has been your clinical experience using Ivermectin for COVID-19? What types of things have you observed that may not be easy to grasp by reading your research?
• What do you think is preventing Ivermectin from becoming more heavily considered by the world as a therapeutic for COVID-19?
• After the ICON Trial was published in Chest, more physicians seem to be publicly supporting the use of Ivermectin for COVID-19. What do you think it will take for the larger medical industry to start to pay attention to this potential therapeutic?
• What do you want our viewers to know about COVID-19, your research, or your ground-breaking work on Ivermectin?
• What is Iota Carrageenan and how did you first get interested in this compound?
• What has been your clinical experience using this medication for COVID-19?
• There seems to be mixed literature on whether Bromhexine is efficacious. What are your thoughts on it’s efficacy?
• Do you think that we will find a single agent to treat COVID-19, or do you believe it will be a combination of different medications? What might that combination look like?
• What are you looking at right now? Any interesting or impressive data that has yet to be published that you would like to share with our viewers?
• Any other things you would like to discuss with our viewers?



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