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International Irrevocable Trust will Save your Life! Not the 508!

Druanna Ravenmoonshadow
Published on 16 Jun 2021 / In How-to and Style

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-It depends because if you wish to use the trust to protect you from lawsuits and creditors you always want to make sure you don’t own the trust! If they know you own it they can turn those beneficiaries into your creditors. That is Why I made my husband trustee because the trust owns it and I gave it over to him to oversee it not me. This is a very delicate situation. For the silver bullet trust you should be the grantor and get a trustee. For the business trust alone you can be the trustee and someone else the grantor and some people do it this way but it’s benefiting more of the grantor not the trustee if they find out grantor has debt issues lawsuits etc. I prefer that someone I trust is the trustee for my trust that way I can say I don’t own it the trust does and Darren is the trustee. It depends on the individual. Again if you are to be the trustee of your own trust they will ask you for your ssn. But if you have someone else do it, they ask for their ssn if they are domestic. If they are foreigner they don’t ask. But for both persons they need that EIN letter.

¨Im like Robin Hood, I take from the Elite Ego groups and I give them back to those who cant afford such high prices to fit their pockets!¨ Is what I meant. :)


I explain how a private International Irrevocable trust is the best option to protect you and your family, your LLCs, Company, from the creditors, lawsuits. Tax exempt. for more info go to

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