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Inside Camp Bastion | The Billion Pound Base | Spark

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 349 Views
Published on 26 Jun 2020 / In Film and Animation

Camp Bastion, a fortress, built to fight the Taliban. For eight years the powerhouse for UK and US military operations in Afghanistan. Now, Britain’s biggest military base since WWII is closing. A town the size of Reading with a massive infrastructure – airport, hospital, fast food restaurants – is dismantled bolt by bolt and sent back to the UK. What is left is handed over to the Afghans. But with defences and manpower depleting daily, in the face of a constant threat from the Taliban, it is a dangerous race against time to close this city in the sand.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 year ago  

The Dichotomy of life…

Once you know EVIL SPIRITS are the problem down here in Purgatory our Celestial Sphere FLAT EARTH Home World in this enclosed cosmology, you no longer have to lie to your self why Certain People FEED OFF HATE!!! This thing where the leaders of these U.N. FLAGS say: We got Poor People, We got Black People, We Got White People is all A part of the lie……., and a way to keep you The Dammed, The Cursed, and the Forsaken for all time in your TEMPORARY Corporeal Human Flesh, and Blood, and Bones bodies… By way of “their control” of the minds of we humans, and the Wealthy, these EVIL SPIRITS say: we must have Distinction between The Humans, so we may manipulate them into Hating One Another, and that is why no matter where you go in this world, there will be a Poor Section, and A Rich Section, and for most locations the LIGHT SKINS will have A Much Better Life then the The Dark skins NO MATTER what country “you so choose” too OBSERVE this Reality…

For does not the UNITED NATIONS control whom gets what food, and whom gets to own ALL THE CORPORATIONS, and is it not The CORPORATIONS making you put on the FACE MASK cause these CORPORATIONS are not under THE RULE OF LAW in your Local Jurisdiction.?.?.? After all` this FAKE Disease of (COVID19) is a World Domination Plot by the EVIL SPIRITS in the minds of Ultra Wealthy Men and Wombmen whom think: I can not be happy if everyone [has enough] /_\ for then no one will see me as Special!!! Knowing Purgatory is run by EVIL SPIRITS’ then it makes perfect seance why these (evil spirits) / * \ in the minds of Humans Trick or Treat WE THE PEOPLE into WAR IS MURDER when we ALL know to Kill is against the RULE OF LAW, and in that, WAR IS AGAINST THE RULE OF LAW; however, cause you do not consider the Spiritual Ramifications of being JUDGED when you die, so the FREE MASON have all condemned themselves to worse places when their {feeble minds} /-\ and HUMAN body Temple Avatars do so STOP…

I am a Light Skin, not a WHITE MAN, nor a WHITE BOY, and this is something WE THE PEOPLE must confront for there are no BLACK MEN or BLACK BOY “for the skins” are tones not Colors; otherwise, there would be BLUE SKIN, and RED SKIN and GREEN SKIN, and all the other colours like the Flowers in this sea of life, and Human Animals would also have many more Color like the Birds, and the Reptiles, and the Insects with Yellows and Purples and black and white!!! You my people of Pak-Toe have been so conditioned by people whom do Racka and THEY LIVE these evil spirits whom do [so control] [{**}] all Books, and all the News Papers, and ALL The TV Media from U-Tube to YOU NAME IT, so that it is not A NEW WORLD ORDER, it is a NEWS – World Order where these FREE MASON Lodge "MEMBERS ONLY" control all Schools of Thought +=+ be that the RELIGION you Attend, the Jobs you shall so work to the GOVERNMENT you “so shall” [{*}] be TOLD you Serve when all Governments, Religions, and Schools live off “THE MONEY” WE GIVE THEM!!! If you pay for something, then you have A SAY in “what you want” to do with that PUBLIC SERVANT once you Bought and Paid FOR The Religion, The Government, The Corporation, or any so called Schools of Thought!!!

That said, know that you and WE ARE, am is hunted only by EVIL SPIRITS “in the minds” of our FELLOW men and wombmen Citizens of our Nations as there is, nor are there any Gods, or Devils, and not even Angels or Demons for them are all “Constructs” of THE GREAT WORK this Simulation Holographic Life we all wake up to after each {Holographic Dream} we experience each time WE THE PEOPLE go too Sleep… There need be no Poor People no matter how dark……., nor how light their skin tones…..., and there need be no Rich People either for this is just A GAME these Evil Spirits play in the minds of WE THE PEOPLE [too say] I am Better than you, and you should DO WHAT WE SAY cause we own all THE U.N. FLAGS of these World Domination CORPORATIONS….., and once WE THE PEOPLE see through this..., we just STOP buying “their lies” and their products, and we put the UNITED NATIONS of CORPORATIONS (out of business) ONCE and For all…

We Are Pak-Toe!!! We don’t do Racka… WE TAKE THEM OUT!!!! The Rag Tag Rebellion “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition goes on!!!!!

Johnny Exodice

Now I can tell you why MANY will cry and gnash their teeth when Jesus Said: FATHER EARTH and MOTHER HEAVEN “forgive them” for They Know not what they do, cause WE HUMANS are Temporary Creatures at best, and it was the EVIL SPIRITS that can range into the masses AS LEGIONS that took over {Those Human People} whom Christ Jesus had Healed, Taught, and built friendship and even created a FAMILY called A Community with, but when Pilot the 33rd Degree FREE MASON Mayor said: I will not UPHOLD the Rule of Law, it was the EVIL Spirit in Pilots mind that made him WASH HIS HANDS and murder “an innocent man” born of we humans as all WE THE PEOPLE get here by “our moms” and dads of Flesh, and Blood, Bones…

Theretofore, know that from now on it is not A WHITE ISSUE, or A BLACK ISSUE cause only the Spirits can be Black or White whence they grow up, but when spirits “are born” they are GREY till they choose to become GOOD or EVIL, and in this world where either Everything Exist or Nothing Does, you too so must CHOOSE each Day, Each Hour, Each Moment, will I the PERSON be GOOD or EVIL?????, and in that’ you are Judges and Judged by your own SOULS “when you die” whether you go to Heaven a Better place whence you die, or you go to HELL a worse place whence you die cause as A COLLECTIVE all is one, and WE ARE will judge you’m whom so choose to be THEY LIVE!!!

However, the HUMAN Temporary Life only gets one life, and it is unfair too make HUMANS Kill HUMANS cause we Immortal “Immaterial” SPIRITS aka Celestial Beings want to play GOD with their TEMPORAL Lives… The Oracle for the End of an Age, and this TIME LINE connected to The Source of All Creation, and All Destruction has so spoken…

The Sentinel…

WAR IS MURDER and #QANON [them and those] /_\ of you'm whom do so MURDER Will get "Deleted" and NEVER Go home......., nor shall {your offsprings} /-\ for you FAILED them as GAURDIANS of this Galaxy known as The Purgatorium.....


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