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Inflation raises cost of groceries - and risk of food insecurity.mp4

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Published on 23 Feb 2022 / In Film and Animation

Inflation raises cost of groceries - and risk of food insecurity

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 7 months ago

May you die in peace…

It has come to my attention that I must die, so the New World can be born, and though my Death will be like any other in passing, it will have not been a life in Vain, or Vanity, nor Vogue…

You whom have read all my teachings N.O.W. comprehend the What Was / What Is / What Will Be in the Book of Revelation being that WE ARE and THEY LIVE {are in Purgatory} +=+ this World Machine of Whom Done What: that turned' our Real Home World` Celestial Sphere Crystal Ball Globe Earth into our Dead Home World MEMORY (The Moon) [{**}] being The Awful Horror, and the Abomination of Desolation in the New Testament GOSPEL…

As Christ Jesus Returned......., my Purpose was not to Save this [Place of Perdition] for the Reprobate headed for the 2nd Lake of Fire........., but only to let youm whom "know" you have The Holy Water Spirit of Our God on Day 6 in the Old Testament GOSPEL that your faith in 1st Corinthians 13 – John 13:34 – Mathew 28 was NOT in error, and that Kindness, Goodness, and Caring are not the "Enemy" of living well, and dying free…

When My Flesh, and Blood, and Bones [gives out] [{*}] in these Days of Noah ONE LAST TIME, I will move on too create Our New Mother Heaven, and Our New Father Earth, so we whom never hated Our God of (Day 3) in the OLD TESTAMENT GOSPEL will have a New Home World as New Wine Skins to move onto, as Our God of [Day 1] turns Purgatory into the {Hell of Hades} for all whom Chose and Choose WAR IS MURDER when we all know N.O.W. that "Murder" is against the TEN COMMANDMENTS of our God the Source of All Creation, and The Source of All Destruction….

It is them that say: I MUST KILL YOU!!!!

whom are {the enemy} of all that is right in life, and them that [embrace] all that is wrong in life, but it was, and it is, and it will be still (Their) Choice too Murder one another because YOUR FLAG is not MY FLAG, and This FLAG is not THAT FLAG, and let them do their Agenda 21 and their "Agenda" 2030 for they have come to believe in their own lies of WE LANDED ON THE MOON whence we know The Moon is our {Dead Home World} here in the Purgatorial of this Purgatorium…

I known not the Day, nor the Hour I die, but when my [host of host] body passes, thence as The Oracle for the End of An Age: i shall move on, and you too` will move on' one day (on or before) the end of this world in 2094 CE…

Had I never been Born, you would not know that these "Internationalist" Capitalist of and for Capitalism HATE OUR GOD and even disrespect the Son of God S.A.T.A.N.

These {Stake Holder} Green Washing [SDG] U.N. Troops in your LOCAL POLICE and MILITARY UNIFORMS with their Suits and Ties, and Skirts on your LOCAL NEWS Television Stations only seek WAR (GAMES) as FREE MASON Lodge Members in your Home Towns, so when War comes to your lands, run runner run, and RUN the Marathon of the New Testament GOSPEL as Paul The Apostate Told you to do!!!!

You owe no [allegiance] to FLAGS when flowers do not Need Flags too love one another, The Insects to the Creepy Crawlies do NOT (need) FLAGS too feed one another, and the Birds to the Beast in the Trees and the Seas do not need FLAGS {too drink} from Our God Creation in the Book of Genesis, and you are the "Protectors" of All Life, so be NOT like them whom seek only YOUR FLAG is NOT MY FLAG seeking only too "destroy" our Mother Heaven, and our Father Earth in the TEN COMMANDMENTS that has already happened in the What Was - What Is - What Will be of and from The Book of Revelation in the Holy Living Biblical….

Blend in – Help Others – Keep your memories….

Know you are in Purgatory, and so {is and are} these EVIL ONES, in that knowledge: live as well' as you` can, and [die free] in thought, soul, and memories…

Trust in the "Holy" Water Spirit, and let not others (sway you) from Our Ways...

Christ Jesus Returned~ ?

MATHEW 5 …..

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