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India LOCKDOWN! New virus outbreak scares India into compliance by Redacted News

DemonX212 [Conspiracy FACTIST]
Published on 24 Sep 2023 / In News and Politics

Source of video first seen on WhatFinger:

Redacted YT Channel:

Redacted Rumble Channel:

[The article was posted Sep 23, 2023 and this are not my words of violence. It open dialog to describe this situation.]
This is open mass murder by the NIH and Cuntbag Fauci! Starting in India is a new lockdown after only two, yes 2 people have died from an animal virus called Nipah Virus is spreading.
The scary part is it's being tested right in our backyard and under our noses since 2022, right here in the United States...!
Since the Covid Plandemic isn't working anymore to scare the masses into submission, could this be the new fearmongering tactic to bring America into a new lockdown with WAAAAY stricter rules in order to ""Get back to normal""?!

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