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Illuminati Ritual at Vatican Exposed! (R$E)

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Published on 09 Jan 2024 / In Film and Animation

Exclusive - A SHOCKING ritual took place today at the Vatican!
Illuminati NWO Exposed (2016)


Music by 88 Ultra.
Used with permission.

This reminds me of when someone tries to fob you off with a cheap counterfeit and claim it is the real thing! Plastic trinkets.. Come out of her!! Strange atmosphere there today all round..

And once again, gathering around the Obelisk..
At one point near the end I heard an announcer say we must continue to be merciful after the door shuts.. but to be honest I found the whole atmosphere really eerie and ominous.
Pope Francis has opened up Catholic cathedrals across the whole world to have their own door of mercy (first time this has happened) and to close them just before the final door in Vatican City closed.

Pray that God would change the heart of Pope Francis and save him. That would really confound their plans and he is a lost soul.
Nothing is impossible with God (Matt 19:26)

Round SaturnsEye (R$E) Online:

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