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IGP10 411 - MMS Chlorine Dioxide Cure for Vaxx Injuries.mp4

David Trent-Todeschini
Published on 11 Sep 2023 / In Health

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Have you heard about all the wonderful effects of this cheap and effective substance called:
MMS ( / CDS / CD / CLO2 ( / The Universal Antidote ( / Stabilized Oxygen ( / Chlorine Dioxide ( / Frontier Pharmaceutical ( products?

Have you heard that this is a toxic bleach, dangerous for human consumption ( (It should be said that it can be, in very rare cases, with wrong use/wrong dosage).

This is probably the best documentary on this topic, discussing the history, safety, science, benefits, myths and propaganda as well as testimonials of miraculous healing.

According to Andreas Kalcker, the best way to use chlorine dioxide, is in the form of CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution). In the form of CDS, there are less (usually none) side-effects such as nausea.

How to make CDS:

The most common protocol to use with CDS is "protocol 1000"/"Protocol B" ( For what ever health condition or as a detox, you can start with this:
(If you see improvement after a couple of weeks, keep going. If not: consider looking into foods of beverages you are consuming that could interfere with the CD and thus should be taken a couple of hours apart from the CDS, and/or consider more advanced protocols that may include Nebulizing, DMSO and/or MMS2, depending on your condition.)

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