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IECV NV #119 - 👀 Bird Flying In The Air It's A Osprey 🦅10-13-2015

Published on 20 Oct 2021 / In Pets and Animals

Welcome Back to the 25 Days Of Christmas Day 9 today I want to say a big Thanks to Heather! for she has identified this bird as a Osprey not a hawk like i thought Thank you very much Heather!
Here is a link to Heather's YouTube channel check her out 💖
So today we have a Osprey flying in the air enjoy my friends and be sure to come back tomorrow for another video...If You're New To My Channel Be Sure To "Subscribe" "like" "Comment" "Share" "👍👍👍 Up" Thanks! To All My Loyal Subscribers! For Watching And Commenting Have A Wonderful Week! And Be Sure To Click On The Bell And Set It To Get Notifications So You Won't Miss When I Upload A New Video' 👀 See You In The Next Video...🦅

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#Ospreyflying #Osprey

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