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Idahoan Psalter: Psalm 59

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Published on 30 Sep 2022 / In Music

The Idahoan shares his paraphrase of the 59th Psalm.


Oh Lord, my God, defend me from mine enemies!
For it is not because of mine iniquities,
That they rise up against my soul,
And ambush lay, to bring me under their control.
No fault of mine, oh Lord, Thou knowest well,
Against me war to wage doth them compel.
But rather they, who have no fear of God,
Do slander spew o’er all the land like barking dogs.

Wherefore, Oh Lord, let Thy deliverance now awake!
Forbear no more vengeance upon them to take!
For Thou alone art my defense,
Surely Thou wilt arise to battle for my sake.
Thy mercy shall protect me from their evil schemes,
For presently Thy mighty hand my cause redeems,
And I shall see the victory over mine ev’ry enemy!

Lord, bring them down, but slay them not,
Lest those who see should soon forget.
Instead let them wander and complain,
Of hunger, of suffering, and shame,
Throughout the land like feral dogs,
To demonstrate that judgement comes from God,
Upon all who His law distain,
With words that are deceitful and profane.

But even now, while yet my foes do reign secure,
I’ll sing aloud of Thy mercy and Thy pow’r.
Thou art my strength and my defense;
In Thee I place my confidence,
For in the day of trouble Thou hast been,
My refuge and defender time and again!

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