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ICU Nurse Nicole Whitley drops bombs - "You're being lied to"

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Published on 16 Sep 2021 / In Health

Nicole Whitley is a ICU nurse who has practiced out of multiple hospitals during the last year. She delivers a message that all should listen to. Pleases like and share this video.

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debolaguna 20 days ago

Great video, we’ve had Ivermectin in the house for months now just in case, very expensive now for some reason, ordered it through a Doctor website, I never thought we would be watching Infowars, use to think the Alex Jones guy was a kook, couldn’t have been more wrong

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27618 25 days ago

You did a wonderful accessment of what's really going on Nicole...thank you.

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64.jules 1 month ago

A regime of sweet wormwood, quercetin, luteolin, and licorice root, eucalyptus oil for inhalation with steam (hot water) to keep lungs clear was used in China during the SARS 2003 outbreak successfully, along with the obvious self care that the RN mentions here, stock up on these supplements in case you need them, to KEEP YOUR BUTT OUT OF THE HOSPITALS AKA DEATH CHAMBERS

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