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Black Wing Paranormal
Published on 28 Apr 2021 / In Spiritual

Haunted House Live Psb7 Spirit Box, K2 Meter, Speaking with spirit's, listening to the dead, Investigation, Dowsing Rods, Direct responses More than ever there's such strong activity, I was moved backwards over the bed, my body was turned in a strange position that if any sudden pressure on my body it felt like my back would have snapped, No exaggeration . It was the 2nd time they have ever done that to me, I wont be able to talk about it when live as my children will be in the next room for a bit, but it was scary and I'm still in pain now. That's just an example of 1 thing, they have done so much. Any way I just wanted you all to know what is going on, As I said I wont be speaking of it, If there is a chance my children could hear.


Gillian Murray, Oldskoowl & Pebbles Travels, Bill Oster Jr, Karey Stangeland, Paranormal World Adventures, Chasing Bone's & Spectres, Ox.
Thank you all so much for your faith in the channel & myself,
Much Love Everyone, Your all awesome, I am very proud of My Tribe. Blessed Be. xx
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