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Hunter Biden Sold "The Brand" In 23 Nations, RFK Jr. Independent, Biden Express, InQTel/Darpa/CIA & Covid

Published on 30 Sep 2023 / In News and Politics

On Wednesday, the House Ways and Means committee has released explosive documents confirming Hunter Biden sold access to "The Brand", Joe Biden in 23 different countries. Wire transfers in the amount of 250,000 dollars to Hunter Biden show the beneficiary address to be Joe Biden's Delaware home where Hunter stayed for a time. RFK Jr. announces plan to run as an independent candidate in the 2024 election, he will make an official announcement on October 9th. Senator Dianne Feinstein has died shortly after casting a vote at the age of 90. Her vast real estate portfolio is worth well over 60 million dollars. On board the Biden express, Daily Mail has joined the Biden Express and purchased tickets on the daily sold out flight from Istanbul to Bogota Colombia where illegal aliens can then make their journey north to the United States border. Why is Turkey allowing these flights to take off day in and day out and why are people allowed to buy up the tickets and sell them at inflated prices? Michelle Obama spotted in Italy snorkeling with Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, is she going to try to run for President? Biden impeachment hearing had ample evidence of corruption. White House responds to Comer saying Biden's home is listed as beneficiary address for Hunter Biden wire payment. Government set to shut down house stopgap spending bill goes down in flames. Bernard Arnault the world's second richest man probed for money laundering. Republicans outline case for impeachment of Joe Biden in new memo. Eric Adams was out partying the night New York got 7 inches of rain, he failed to warn the city until hours after the Governor had already declared a state of emergency. Putin crowns new Wagner chief tasked with sending fighters back to Ukraine. Spanish court rules software mogul Mcaffee's death was a suicide. 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers surrender using special radio frequency to escape meat grinder. Mayo clinic nukes Hydroxychloroquine information page. Sweden to deport foreigners involved in gangs. Ex Indian diplomat alleges Justin Trudeau's plane was "full of cocaine." Connecticut legislature approves plan 150,000 dollars for special election following mail in ballot scandal. Federal prosecutors recommend 15 year sentence for disgraced ex-ABC news anchor in "sadistic" child pornography case involving infants and toddlers. FBI issues warning about newly discovered Pedophilic Satanist extortion cult. New York City mans gun arrest unveils satanic pedophilic cult. FBI refuses to release documents into probe into possible nationwide voter fraud. Wagner fighters have returned to Ukraine. Azerbaijan arrests billionaire Armenian leader Ruben Vardanyan. Hong Kong halts trading of Evergrande shares as chairman is detained. Israel supreme court hears challenge to law that shields Netanyahu from removal. Elon Musk's father says he took him to a sex party at the age of 9. Man arrested for the 1996 murder of rapper Tupac Shakur. Senate unanimously votes to reverse the "fetterman rule" for dress code. Revisiting Ecohealth alliance, who some call "a CIA front organization." Michael Oher's conservatorship is terminated. Vitamin D improved condition of Covid-19 patients study finds. Man with ties to "bogaloo movement" convicted of murdering a federal security officer during 2020 BLM riot. Donald Trump's estate is worth much more than 18 million dollars. Target's Harlem store closure should be a wakeup call. Illegal aliens are ditching Biden's DHS legal entry app and coming into the United States instead illegally. Naked transgenders stand in front of 10-12 kids and explain why they got sex changing surgery on Netherlands kids T.V. show. Hunter Biden email about 5 million dollar Burisma pay corroborates FD-1023 document. Elon Musk's satellites now litter the sky, are they skynet? Suspected drug trafficker caught rolling suitcases filled with fentanyl through the bronx just blocks from the daycare where fentanyl was seized and a child died from fentanyl exposure. Ivanka Trump is listed as a witness for the prosecution against Donald Trump in New York fraud case. More news.

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