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The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 262 Views
Published on 08 Apr 2020 / In News and Politics

Robert Barnes provides alternative analysis during this in-depth political discussion - 05

Tuesday transmission of American Countdown, constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes asks if President Trump can be re-elected in an internet environment where the left-wing censors everything from questioning potential health hazards of 5G to inquiring about Bill Gates’ role in the global COVID-19 response. Richard Baris of People’s Pundit Daily, an independent subscription newsletter, will join Barnes on this broadcast to see what the data says about the likeliness that Trump is elected again in 2020.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 11 months ago

Commander…, how many people will die FREE MASON………, or not??? You have to ask such a [Question] / * \ when the Stadiums are going to be used to “pile up” [{**}] dead bodies as these 5G Microwave DEPOPULATION {Radiation Towers} +=+ surround us at our every move??? You do know that when you put water in a “Microwave Oven” it can boil that water.?.?.?, and since these things are nothing more then Gigantic Colossus “Titanic” MICROWAVE TOWERS called 5G for their New World Order Survival of the Fittest “Eugenics” [{*}] of the United Nations INTERNATIONAL MAFIA of these “freemson lodges” in our home towns, I see at least 95% total human “decimation” for PROJECT BLUE BEAM…….., and their “Great Day” from the COLONY TV Show on “Netflix” in Season one… Why are TRUCKS……., and “18 Wheelers” still in Perpetration when all else is shut down??? They have to get rid of “all product” before EASTER…..., so there is “no more food” to feed anyone from India to Japan from Germany to Iran from New York` to Whuhan where these 5G WEAPONS were Tested “and proved” ULTIMATELY LETHAL just as this same technology was used in The Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1853 T.L. to 1854 T.L. and so even “as we” cut wires….., there is not enough doing so….., and why is this??? Think about the WALMARTS where “they count you” as you come and go..., and what is the real purpose of that??? The POPULATIONS have already been Decimated.., and so now they need “Proper Counts” as the U.N. Troops will be sent to OUT NUMBER YOUR People when “they have” all the COUNTS from these MAIN WALMART STORES that “most communities” will be forced to enter to get supplies., and this was “all worked out” in 1961 T.L. when JADE HELM 15 the Artificial Intelligence Computer Program “made all believe” in FAKE SPACE as any whom knew we lived inside a Celestial Sphere FLAT EARTH “had to be” put in them RED FLAG LAWS of 1893 T.L. where ALL THE GROWN UPS were murdered, and Only Child Labor and INCUBATOR BABIES Remained just as all we “16 and older” are to be put too death if we think we can hide THE EARTH IS FLAT and that all Nations “are run by” Demoniacally Possessed Entities called Incubus and Succubus, and they have the WEATHER WEAPONS to use as we see on The Impossible Channel, and even Truth Stream Media showed there was a [WORLD GOVERNMENT] long before the League of Nations and today's PRODUCTION of all the World “is a Stage” known as These U.N. FLAGS!!! Theretofore, we whom are “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition are all that remain of non “Demoniacally Possessed” HUMAN BEINGS!!! Look at the Tech….., drive and look at the TREES as these plants try in “vanity” to Avoid the POWER LINES that have something “very evil” and deadly in them, and look at all the GROUNDING WIRES for massive {Power Surges} too Cause BLACK OUTS as these 5G TOWERS Stay on and “kill all life” as These “TV PEOPLE” Talking heads are all in “Under World Cities” and D.U.M.B.S. ready to “live on” as we The nonmason and even “foolish” Free Mason HUMANS all die above the ground called Top Side…. You need to be more thoughtful “of the Insanity” and Lunacy we all face, and PREPARE your Soul, your Spirits, and your PERSON “to do” what must be done, so your Communities go on` for a FAMILY Alone is still a Family “that will die out” without Marriages….


The Commander~


You say NUCLEAR WEAPONS are not real.?.?.?, No……., They are “Elemental Weapons” of [Hydrogen Liquid] and {Oxygen Liquid} as air and water are their own ELEMENTS….., so anyone can make a Hydrogen Nuclear Bomb using just “the Gasses” of Hydrogen and Oxygen in a Propane Tank and have a 2 mile wide bomb....


Also, PLASMA WEAPONS does exist, it is called CERN!!!

Has any one ever thought to OVERLAY the Moon on the Fake GLOBE to see the Destruction of a Celestial Sphere that "we are all dead" and trapped in as Purgatory.?.?.?.?.?


Johnny Exodice at mewe.com and UGETube.com


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