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How To Store NBMI (Emeramide) Correctly!

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Published on 27 Sep 2023 / In Health

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How To Store NBMI (Emeramide) Correctly!

NBMI (Emeramide / Irminix / OSR / OSR#1 / BDTH2) is one of the most effective toxic heavy metal chelators that a person could ingest to safely remove many different types of toxic heavy metals that affect people's health and body in many negative ways.

One thing people need to be aware of when buying NBMI is how you must ideally store it & how long you can store it without it degrading. In this video, I educate you on how to store it ideally, how long it will last when stored in the way I explain to you, and more about this topic.

If you want to learn about everything mentioned above, watch this video from start to FINISH!

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