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How To Steal An Election (1 min)

Land of the Free
Land of the Free - 337 Views
Published on 06 Mar 2021 / In Non-profits and Activism

Don't think I uploaded this one yet. Some people got banned over this. Must be good.


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EyeQ168 1 month ago

... Treason = Death. And FEMA coffins fit 3 per.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

Do youm know why from Hollywood to Bollywood too (MADE IN CHINA) youm have News Casters??? Cause these FREE MASON Jesuit Zionist O.T.O. types have to {CAST the Spell} +=+ of Lies Agreed Upon in their SORCERY “before” it becomes THE NEW NORMAL, so you will watch the T.V Show Regardless of YOUR Born into OCCUPATION U.N. FLAG, and then the RAPTURE of these Television “Screens” makes the many ACCEPT that there is nothing you worthless useless NON-MASON Citizen Populations can do against [THE WORLD POLICE] of these Peacekeepers, but I say: I am not beholden too these Lies Agreed Upon, and me and my people will {CUT WIRES} to all 5G Broadcast of ENCHANTMENTS called: Let us Entertain You cause even CORBETT REPORT never talks about FLAT EARTH.?.?.?.?.?.?.?, so he is just one more FREE MASON O.T.O. Witch – Warlock – Wizard Wicca Satanist CASTING (the spell) of things too come aka THESE ARE NOT THE DROIDS (YOU’M) ARE LOOKING FOR……., and that is why the Bible said not too listen to them whom Practice Magic, and the Dark Arts of THE CRAFT….

You my nonmason POPULATIONS be you in the Police – Military – Religions, and Schools of Thoughts need too know what is going on, so you can [teach people] [{**}] at our WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition offline FLAT EARTH Magical Academies in our OFF THE LINE gaming rooms, as we plan “strategically” how too repel all these U.N. TROOPS in all these U.N. FLAGS as one people whom will no longer (go along) with the NEWS CASTING in its spells bound, and charms, and VOO DOO too submit, obey, comply:

when all FLAGS come from the OTHER SIDE of our {Celestial Sphere} known as these Alien Invasion forces of “U.N. Troops” in all Police – Military……, and G4S Corporation FREE MASON Capitalist C.O.P.S., and always kill them in Secret, and put their bodies into WOOD CHUCKERS, so they are [never to be] /_\ found by “their” Loved Ones, and Their Family Members cause these PEOPLE of the INTERNATIONALIST CORPORATIONS are all (Racka) to we the people of Pak-Toe, and they do not “belong” in our Northern Hemisphere, and if you THE PEOPLE do not stop THEY LIVE, then They will rip open {The Firmament} of Mother Heaven once again, and THE SKY IS FALLING where [once again] Qballs~ mud and rocks and dust: shall cover (the whole) [{*}] of this side of FLAT EARTH in our northern hemisphere….

Remember anyone who “denies” FLAT EARTH or refuses to TALK ABOUT it and [explain it] are in on the GREAT Deception by all these FREE MASON “nonhumans” and their CYLONIC EYES of black dots only, and we the people with natural HUMAN eye color are going extinct…

#TheCrewRRR π ∞ Σ


The NEW TESTAMENT says we need to be Sober of Mind and Thoughts in days such as these, so I can no longer be your #DRUNKENREBEL, but I will set aside one day when the NEW MOON is in the sky where I reside to do some Madness Drinking….., but otherwise all whom know whom you are, where you are, and what we are Up Against should consider putting down all Pharmacology from this FAKE MARIJUANA too even the Real, so your mind may be clear and able to get into the UNDERGROUND Cities, an Liberate any AND all [information] on COMPUTERS……, and CELL PHONES of your freemason associates for these MASONS will murder you, and your whole community my NON-MASON {on this side} of FLAT EARTH with all their JADE HELM 15 (COVID19) G4S U.N. Troops in all Police in all Nations on this side of the world: known as our Northern Hemisphere under Complete LOCK DOWN and LOCK STEP by these U.N. Troops from the Southern Hemisphere with their BLACK DOTS for eyes as Compromised Humans, and sadly we can not TRUST people just because they have Blue to Green to Brown Eyes (Colour) for too many are FREE MASON Spies as “nonmason” Collaborators in this CORPORATION Capitalist FEDERATION of (U.N. FLAGS) world domination plot of Agenda 2021 and Agenda 2030……...

The Commander~ [///|||\\\]

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