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How to Remove the Veils and Remember

Joan of Angels
Joan of Angels - 71 Views
Published on 24 Jan 2023 / In Entertainment

How to Remove the Veils and Remember with Joan of Angels, Oracle of Ancient Wisdom. Join us each Monday, 5pm pst as we release what no longer serves, raise our vibe, and experience an expansion of synchronicities, and a wave of positivity.

Joan of Angels is the Oracle of Ancient Wisdom; transformational mentor and public speaker; Spiritual Advisor; Spiritual Chiropractor who aligns your body, mind, and spirit; Soul Mission and Starseed Activations; Wing Fluffer and more. Check these links now:

💗 Pick up your free gift, and find out what you are here to do at:

💗 Step Into The Miraculous with spiritual luminary and Soul Mastery Guide, Joan of Angels. Each week we explore concepts on opening our heart and shifting into that higher dimensional vibration. Join us every Monday, 5pm pst for MIRACLE MONDAY at

Soul Essence Portraits are available by private appointments, to channel and bring through the energies of that which you are here to do. Email: [email protected] to set up a time to speak.

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💗Activate Your Angelic Frequencies for Ascension with oracle Joan of Angels.

Experience an energetic restoration of your soul and celestial body as we enter into the angelic chambers of healing and soul renewal to raise your vibrational frequencies. These tools will enable you to let go of what stands in your way and will align your body, mind and spirit with your mission and soul purpose. Receive messages from your spiritual team as we clear your field and allow direct communication from your guides

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