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How to Install GNULinux UBPorts Ubuntu Touch Onto an Android

JamesRoss - 81 Views
Published on 06 May 2022 / In How-to and Style

Privacy Guy, Braxman is one of the best privacy resources of How-to on the entire web. In a world run by pathetically tyrannical Freemasons, you should really be interested in Braxman's warnings of your vanishing privacy. Slowly the Mystery School cult is changing the civilization of sheeple into outright slaves. Soon, within years, the Cult will claim the right to come into your home drag your family out onto the street and assassinate them in full sight as the other sheeple run away and hide. The NAZIs, Hitler and stalin were Freemasons serving the Satan-race... they are running your society while pretending you have a vote of important. You do not... World Governance has already started April 1st 2020. You have given up your privacy to Google and Apple, FB, and others. The microwave towers is your enemy's weapon which also runs their hivemind-army of thUgs ruled by the A.i. supercomputer fake-god.


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