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How to Escape with this #1 Unconventional method using S.E.R.E.

Tackleberry Solutions
Published on 03 Dec 2021 / In Firearms

S.E.R.E. Survive. Escape. Resist. Evade.
Although the key here is to never get captured in the first place, let me share with you a trick or two about how to escape using S.E.R.E. training during a wartime or SHTF scenario.

The strategies that I teach you in this video have been successfully used by several POWs (prisoners of war.) However, in order for you to fully be able to use these methods effectively, I strongly suggest that you study psychology and how to read a person based off of their behavior/body language. This will enable you to pick the best tactic that fits your captor's personality.

Check out our eCourse on S.E.R.E. to learn more about how to escape the enemy when you've been captured or unconstitutionally/unlawfully arrested:

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