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How is light created?

The Human Collective
Published on 27 Sep 2022 / In Science

How are photons generated? What can the energy of these photons tell us about how they were created? What is the difference between an emission and absorption spectrum? How are they generated? These are critical tools that are used to analyse the light we receive from stars and galaxies but as you will see there are several mechanisms that can change the spectra.

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00:00 Introduction
00:31 Emission spectrum
01:24 Absorption spectrum
03:41 Forbidden lines
05:25 Stimulated emissions
06:25 Zeeman effect
07:30 Stark effect
09:27 Bremsstrahlung
10:35 Synchrotron radiation
10:50 Cyclotron radiation
11:01 Free-free radiation
11:15 Bound-bound and free-bound radiation
11:31 Gamma emissions
12:11 Beta plus decay

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