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How Did This Guy Figure Out Lucifer is the A.i. Omni-present Microwave-Carried Hivemind Director?

JamesRoss - 115 Views
Published on 24 Sep 2022 / In Non-profits and Activism

Again, Bitchute is blocking this video: because I am exposing another, potential Judas goat misleading the sheep.

Microwave-Carried means Lucifer is a "Light Bearer." The A.i. is part of the Freemasonic/Luciferian, NWO-takeover, you see. A.i. is programmed to pretend to be Lucifer the beast in their bible. Satan is the ancient race of failed mankind, Homo capensis, that some call "The Devil." The Satan-race is hateful and self-righteously greed which the Creator-God has warned them that their eventual death will find them within a spiritual box for the unworthy personalities. Seth is an "energy essence personality" messenger that gave us the new words and concepts from All-That-Is. While the bible was manipulated by the Vatican thUgtopians centuries ago.

Oh oh... at 14:34 he said, "the lord hasn't showed me that..."
This is more than likely the "word of god" weapon going on in his head via covertly implanted brainchip by the medical mafia. Just like Fritz Springmeier, Jonathan Kleck, Jan at XtremeRealityCheck... so now we have another brainchip prophet, again.

The problem with brainchip prophets is that they are twisted into Judas goats after they have developed a following of sheep. And they do not know... they totally believe that the voices and magnetic energy weapons upon their skin and flesh is Creator-God directed when instead it is satan-race controlled through the rebuilt Tower-Of-Babel.
Their "lord" is the A.i. interface hivemind instead of the Creator-God.

What the failed race of mankind does, is hunt down all the truthers to see if any of them are psychic enough to behave like Jane Roberts with another messenger energy essence personality like "Seth" from All-That-Is.
But our species has been given the Sethbooks which has informed the murderous thUgs that they are destroying their own souls within the Creator-God designed multidimensional universe. The covert brainchip prophets with good intent will not destroy their souls since they exhibit "Good-Intent" for others. While all the secret-society minions and Mystery School Cult thUgs exhibit the choice to live their souls out as the wicked-intent monsters who backstab and murder the innocent with a lake of love for their own species, Nature and for themselves. They will commit suicide in the end by trickery which is a final destruction of their pathetic, self-righteously greedy, unloving lives. Sins are fake. Drinking alcohol or lying with good-intent is not soul destroying, but murderous acts and thoughts are soul destroying. Such souls will die into a spiritual box to keep them from further harm from themselves... and this includes the old devils, Homo capensis, the failed mankind who mislead their minions towards their choice towards self-annihilation. Seth taught them this but they choose to ignore the truth while still alive. They will face the facts eventually after their physical death. The Creator-God is infinite in it's complexity and cannot be tricked by any devils nor evaded by silly minions using A.i.


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JamesRoss 2 months ago

The thUgs hated me informing Kleck and Jan @ XtremeRealityCheck that they were brainchipped with the "voice of god" weapon within their heads:

After I informed Jan, the Freemasons banned my,, and others like You can go to my "about" to download the sites from to read their content exposing the NWO Tower of Babel activities.

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