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Hit with Mil Surp: Hard Won Sighting Options

Nutnfancy - 88,614 Views
Published on 23 Jan 2021 / In Firearms

Sure it's cool but you probably can't hit much with it. From years of experience in TNP we've noted that foreign military surplus rifles have notoriously bad zeros. Like shooting 4 feet high in one instance and no way to correct it in the provided sights! Add in super fat front posts, nearly impossible sight adjustment and it's no wonder most leave them in their safes. Of course lots of AE excuses online can be found and they'll rant "just deal with it was designed that way!" Right.
Well that horseshit just doesn't work in TNP...we are systems focused and a system will be improved until it's useful. So we spent 6 years and 100s of hours in the shop fixing the problems of Mosin Nagant, Mauser K98, Yugo M48, Yugo 24/47, SKS, and other rifles to make them accurate to shoot! We were successful and learned a ton along the way through our missteps and mistakes. That's what this video is about.
Also we'll put the excellent M1A into the mix too and show you what we learned with that platform as well. Overall we spend $1000s for this video and a whole bunch of time in the shop and desert; thanks to TNP Donor nation who allowed this video to make it into it's epic 1 hour form!

Long Eye relief SCOUT scopes shown:
"Evolution Gun Works" Mosin Nagant 91/30 Picatinny Scope Mount (on our red dot equiped Mosin): Cheaper version of this:
Vortex Optics Crossfire II 2-7x32 Scout scope:
Other Mosin Nagant scope bases:
Williams K98 front fire sight, looks good but no experience with it:
Willams Rear Peep sights:
Brass Stacker brand Picatinny Scope bases for Mosin, K98:
"BadAce" Mosin Nagant No Drill Picatinny Rail Scout Mount:
Tech Sights for SKS, totally xlnt:
WW II style canvas Russian slings, very cool, we use these:
M1903 canvas sling:
1907 leather slings for M1903, M1 Garand, M1A and more, shown in this video:
Mosin Nagant super cool canvas ammo buttstock pouch:
M1A CASM Mount:

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rfxcasey 3 months ago

I really wonder about sniping back in WW2 and legends like Vasily Zaitsev. I wonder where the truth lies, at what range most sniper kills happened and what kind of accuracy they really achieved.

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cri8tor 4 months ago

Nice to see the content I like showing up on different platforms. YouTube has become a toxic, dumpster fire of censorship.

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kes1973 4 months ago

Good afternoon following you from YouTube Just got done watching your Winchester sxp definder fde Going out this weekend for my birthday to pop off some rounds

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EnolaSchoen 7 months ago


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panzer 8 months ago

15:06 ooooh that sky!

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donnamoore 2 months ago

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