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History of The CBC - Defund Or Sell the CBC

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Published on 27 Apr 2022 / In News and Politics


The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)/Radio-Canada is one of the world's major public broadcasting organizations. It operates national radio (AM and FM) and television networks in English and French; provides regional and local radio and television programming in both official languages; broadcasts locally produced programs in English and Indigenous languages for people living in the far North; runs a multilingual shortwave service for listeners overseas; and provides closed captioning for the deaf.

Founding of the CBC/Radio-Canada

The creation of the CBC/Radio-Canada as a crown corporation on 2 November 1936 followed two earlier experiments with public broadcast ownership in Canada. During the 1920s the Canadian National Railways (CNR) developed a radio network with stations in Ottawa, Montréal, Toronto, Moncton and Vancouver. Its schedule included concerts, comic opera, school broadcasts and historical drama, though by the end of 1929 it was still providing only three hours of programming a week nationally.

Together with the example of the British Broadcasting Corporation, however, the CNR radio stations helped to make the merits of public ownership more apparent to the Royal Commission on Radio Broadcasting appointed by Mackenzie King on 6 December 1928, under the chairmanship of Sir John Aird. The privately owned Canadian stations were not only beginning to fall into American hands but also seemed incapable at the time of providing an adequate Canadian alternative to the programming that was flooding across the border from the United States.

DEFUND THE CBC: Pierre Poilievre leads the chant

“Defund the CBC,” Poilievre started as supporters joined in.

“Sometimes, I wonder if that shouldn’t be my entire speech.”

Pierre Poilievre leads chant of “Defund the CBC” at campaign rally.
— Andrew Lawton (@AndrewLawton) March 28, 2022

This isn’t an entirely new position for Poilievre. During a recent interview with Rebel News, Poilievre called the federally-funded news organization a “great waste” of money and promised to, at the very least, slash their budget.

“It’s true that I will cut the CBC’s budget since it’s a great waste — they waste an enormous amount of money,” said Poilievre. “Nearly everything the CBC does in English is already available on the market. Governments should only do what the market cannot do.”

“But nearly everything we see from the CBC — on TV, on the internet — is already available from other sources… there is a lot of waste for the CBC. I will cut the budget, we will save money, and we’ll allow people to choose their own media sources.”

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