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Historical Charts: Almost Everything is a Bubble Except for Silver, Gold, and Oil

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Published on 09 Feb 2021 / In News and Politics

A big part of how this whole reset from deep state control happens will be related to the monetary system. In the short term with additional money printing and stimulus checks, the stock market will continue to soar beyond reasonable valuation.

However, this is not sustainable.

Eventually there will be a correction and Wall Street will start shorting this bubble. This will cause massive selloffs and another crash. Then the fed will do the only thing it knows how to do...print more money to inject into the dying machine. This could eventually destroy the value of the dollar and the whole global system could abandon the dollar as the defacto reserve currency. As you can see, when the whole world loses confidence in the stock market and the dollar...it sets things up nicely for a financial and political reset.

If the bad guys are in control, they will get the International Monetary Fund involved and use a new global currency such as SDR's (the money of the IMF). SDR's are based on a basket of currencies and China will most likely demand that their currency become the new dominant currency in the basket. This would set up China as the dominant global superpower. This new currency could be a cryptocurrency and you could be locked out of the financial system if you "break the rules" of this tyrannical system. Consider the social credit system already in place in China.

If the good guys are in control, they will likely use a real asset like Gold or a basket of real assets as the new American currency. And the other countries of the world would follow. This would set us up for a generation of prosperity based on sound money and it would also remove the deep state from financial control positions because they would no longer be able to control the money supply and manipulate markets.

This is where I have put my focus for now. I've been listening to analysts such as Harvy Dent, Jim Rickards, and Peter Schiff. They have differing opinions on things but one thing they agree on is that the crash will occur sooner rather than later. 2021 or 2022.
I think we should be proactive to protect our wealth, which is a form of power. There has been a historical wealth transfer during the plandemic. In case you didn't notice, companies like Amazon have remained open while main street has been closed. This type of crash that I'm describing could exponentially change the power structure yet again through another wealth transfer.

Disclaimer I'm not a financial advisor, this is not financial advice.

I want every patriot of the world to empower themselves with financial knowledge and real assets. What should one do when faced with a high probability of a market crash compounded with a possible loss of dollar purchasing power?
I don't think there is a one size fits all solution but putting it in the stock market to try to make gains before the crash seems naive. Holding 99 percent of your wealth in Gold may not make sense. We still live in a society that uses regular currency for most transactions. So it makes sense to me to keep an amount of cash on hand because its liquid and you can change it to something else quickly if needed.

I'm personally putting a small percentage into bitcoin because it can act as a form of money during a crisis with few alternatives. Even big companies are starting to plan ahead, either seeing the potential of bitcoin or the liability of cash...notice that Tesla just purchased 1.5 Billion in bitcoin just this week. Bitcoin is currently in a bubble again so it could just as easily crash with the stock market. Its also not a good idea to get involved if you're not a tech savvy person as you could get your coins lost or stolen.

At the following link you can get a free account with 10 dollars of free bitcoin on the biggest platform in the US (Coinbase) where your crypto is fully insured.


You can also read the ebook I wrote about Bitcoin for beginners


Real estate is an important part of any portfolio. You have to be careful of a bubble that could crash, thats why it seems to make sense to buy property to live in, farm, or rent out for income rather than highly bid up commercial property.

Self Sustainability: During a crisis, would you rather have bitcoin, gold or water, electricity, and food? It's easy and cheap nowadays to install rainwater harvesting and solar power on your home and to start a garden.

Gold and silver are really no brainers to me. You can keep it in your own house and act as your own bank (holding it yourself is a risk and a benefit). Historically it has preserved wealth pretty well compared to the dollar and the stock market although there is volatility to be aware of. It is also not as easy to do internet transactions as you could with bitcoin for example. But unlike bitcoin it seems to be fairly cheap compared to the other asset classes that are in bubbles.

Phd economist Kirk Elliottt sponsors my channel and offers free silver and gold consultations where he can discuss with you how to acquire certain types of physical silver that might still be available (there is a silver shortage right now).

He can also help you if you don't want to store the silver/gold yourself.

Furthermore he can guide you if you want to convert a portion of your retirement into a gold or silver IRA.

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