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Hilarious Interview Between Justin Trudeau and Jordan Peterson

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Published on 17 Jul 2022 / In News and Politics

Hilarious Interview Between Justin Trudeau and Jordan Peterson

The courage to speak the truth is a virtue!

When your country’s prime minister is a compulsive liar and a narcissist who would rather slowly bleed to death than tell the truth just once, you are left with no choice but to show the world his true colors. And that is exactly what we have in this hilarious interview between Jordan Peterson and our esteemed prime minister, Justin Trudeau.

Though this is just a parody, it is the most truth we have heard from the prime minister in a really long time. Would you finally love to know how Trudeau really feels about the co-vid vaccines, his mandates, dumb economic policies, and his many controversies? Then you need to watch this video to the very end. You won’t be getting the usual woke crap the prime minister feeds his gullible supporters and the rest of the world, but the actual truth that he has not managed to keep from the public.

Though he presents this polished, seemingly well spoken, and ever generous persona to the world, we know what really lies behind all that facade. Trudeau showed his true colors when he labeled well meaning Canadians as racist and misogynistic because they wanted the right to decide what happens with their own bodies. He did every time he tried to shut down media agencies that report the truth about his autocratic policies. He did when he invoked a war measures on peaceful protesters and ripped the very soul of our great country into many tiny little pieces. The list goes on and on.

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Dive2663225 1 year ago

Everybody Loves, me..because Everyone wants to Fuck me BAAAAHAHAHAAA!!!

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Dive2663225 1 year ago


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Zackary Randalls
Zackary Randalls 1 year ago

It it the corrupt, communist leaders of Western Civilization, like Justin Castro, that are destroying our nations.

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