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Hermit Crab in Lotion Cap. The Escape From Bankers. Playa Ventanas Costa Rica

Peace Terrorist
Peace Terrorist - 421 Views
Published on 23 Feb 2020 / In Entertainment

Hermit Crab in Lotion Cap The Escape Playa Ventanas Costa Rica
This is a story of a hermit crab that had a new house built of crappy synthetic material. He is running from the bankers who want to repossess his house. It is all he has. Little does he know he will be sent to a FEMA Camp for eternity.
Watch the other Hermit Crab in Lotion Cap,
THE FORECLOSURE/EVICTION, for the exciting conclusion to this poor hermit crabs dilemma.
Actually I never seen a hermit crab take up residence in a lotion cap. Another hermit crab with a small shell or none at all tries to fight and take it from him. The second part is more funny and includes the fight between crabs. The Foreclosure.

This video is copy written by Radio Pacifico Sur de Costa Rica.
Obtain permission for it's commercial use.

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