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“He’s a Fed” Kanye Reveals Diddy Uses POLITICAL Connections To AVOID JAIL

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Published on 25 Nov 2023 / In News and Politics

“He’s a Fed” Kanye Reveals Diddy Uses POLITICAL Connections To AVOID JAIL

Kanye West’s comments about Diddy working for the feds have resurfaced once again after Diddy settled his lawsuit with Cassie in record time and new details are now starting to surface about Diddy’s alleged connections with the police.

After news first broke that Cassie was suing Diddy for SA, DA, and trafficking, TMZ reported that Diddy was “the subject of a secret, NYPD investigation.”

But then just hours later TMZ updated their report saying that the NYPD told them they made a mistake and they’re NOT investigating Diddy.

And get this - just a month before Cassie filed her lawsuit, Diddy was given a key to the city of New York by Mayor Eric Adams and Adams himself is currently being investigated by the FBI for corruption.

So as you can see, the rabbit hole runs deep and fans are saying Kanye has been proven right yet again…

But what else did Kanye say about Diddy being a “fed”? And are Diddy’s connections the reason he’s avoided jail??

Let’s break it down!

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