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HE IS RISEN! In Jesus' Resurrection, We Find Our Life's True Purpose! The Whole Armour of God

James Red Pills America
Published on 13 Jan 2021 / In News and Politics

On this Sunday, I feel it's important to speak of the REAL reason why #Jesus was crucified on the cross - why he DIED for our sins and why it is you can find the TRUE PURPOSE in your life through an understanding of why Christ died for you!

Life. Why are we born? Where did we come from? Were we put here by accident - just because - or was there a purpose behind us being put onto this earth?

I'm here to show you today that, indeed, we all do have a design - a purpose in life - and it may surprise you what that purpose truly is?

Some people will say happiness is the key to life, but what is happiness to you? Some people spend all of their days on earth seeking to find so-called happiness - whether it's through obtaining money personal achievements spending time with their friends or
starting a family.

But, being happy in life is not the reason that you were formed; it's not your purpose! There are tons of people today who claim to be happy or spend their days trying to reach a place of happiness. They will never realize that their Heavenly Father has had a unique purpose for their lives all along, that they are missing out on.

Venture into the loving world of Father God in this marvelously crafted video, which fills all of God's Children with an understanding of what their TRUE PURPOSE in life really is. It's NOT what you think it is, my Patriot Brothers and Sisters.

Pastor James, the #PatriotPastor, is an Ordained Minister witnessing in the name of God and His Son, Jesus Christ, in Eastern Tennessee. You can reach Pastor James for prayer requests and/or guidance via email at [email protected] -

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CoachBill315 3 months ago

Sweet Vid... New Sub Here :)

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