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Gun Channels Making Money on You Tube in 2023 w/ CloverTac LIVE Q&A

Gun Websites
Gun Websites - 53 Views
Published on 05 Feb 2023 / In Firearms

Getting to the real issues on peoples minds as we start 2023

YouTube Partner Program (YPP)

YouTube partner program (monetization) policy is much more strict than community policy. So community policy strikes can affect monetization.

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"We don’t allow egregious behavior that has a large negative impact on the community. This policy means you should be respectful of your viewers, your fellow creators, and our advertisers -- both on and off YouTube."

Advertiser Friendly Guidelines

all sections that often relate to firearm channels

Inappropriate language
Harmful or dangerous acts
Firearms related content
Controversial issues

Gun Channels Making Money on You Tube:

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