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Disclosure Library
Disclosure Library - 412 Views
Published on 25 Feb 2024 / In News and Politics

Guess who just got busted?

Oh well, well, well.....

Isn't that the Trumpet?

So Trumptards, what's your excuse now?

And don't forget his well recognised hand diamond!

Oh dear! The Qtards will be working overtime on this one!

Wait for the one where he claims he's Jesus AS.., on some of the Trumptards channels and then Oh wait, he is also going to claim to be god himself, at some point.

Now you cant deny that he is JUST NOT ON OUR SIDE!

And judging by his seat in the middle, he's evidently very high up!

Still deny he's a Mason? [VIDEO]
I'm watching you...
I watch them walk, I wonder....

Pretty girls don't cry
They know exactly what they want
Pretty girls walk by
With eyes that smile, faces that haunt
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I watch them walk, I wonder
Turn away, I try but I can't find words to say
I know you've heard it all before
But I'm watching you
I'm watching you
I'm watching you

If they control your mind they control you.


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LOVE IS ALL! Erik Van De Krol

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joesizzle 2 months ago

Joe Biden aka brother of Joe Biden in a mask, will not live long enough to be elected dog catcher. Our Marines will bring him down, or Gods' will he dies.

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27618 2 months ago

I also want to add that I believe that President Trump learned about the Satanists being amongst them. I believe he has turned away from them now. I think it was part of the White Hat Plan for him to rub elbows with them. I, of course, could be wrong. That is just how I am understanding my research. Every man is accountable for himself. There is a lot more goodness happening that is not bc of President Trump also. It is our Creator's will that is shining on man's hearts now. And I believe GOD has chosen President Trump for such a time as this. I believe Trump wants to live his life under the shadow of the ALMIGHTY and he is an honest and loyal man. Thank you for your trying to seek truth.

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27618 2 months ago

Time will give all truths. I am not worried when I know he had said that he had to infiltrate the " club" to become a part of them and learn how it works. Could he be gaslighting us? Of course he could be. But GOD ALMIGHTY weighs the heart of every man. He will protects us from our enemies. Don't worry. It is not a good look to see him, Steve Bannon, Flynn all using the symbols but let's just see what happens, shall we? This was quite an exposure. Good job Disclosure Library.

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hatbox 2 months ago

Who doesn't know this? Trump's also a small hat.

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27618 2 months ago

He isn't no small hat: you'll see.

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