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Got Thousands Back From Off-Spec Amazon Purchases - a Sampler

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Published on 06 Feb 2024 / In How-to and Style

Got Thousands Back From Off-Spec Amazon Purchases - a Sampler

How I Got Thousands Back From Off-Spec Amazon Purchases - a Sampler
Been buying from Amazon since 2009. I often had to buy three different products, to get just one that:

1. Fulfilled its advertised specifications.

2. Did not void my home insurance fire insurance.

3. Did not contain chemicals exceeding the legal limits for drinking water, especially for infants. Puree'd baby food exceeded by 6,000% in one test.

4. Emitted alpha beta gamma radiation not exceeding 27 Counts Per Minute. Highest found was a USA organic juice.

5. For therapeutic magnetic bracelets, one that produced greater than 650 gauss; and were configured according to the repelling-sides rule. Rare since 2022.

6. Ozonators that emitted true greater-than 650 ORP, without swishing. Very rare since 2023.

7. Heated jackets/vests that had elements placed according to their ad photos. Not many passed.

8. Lithium 18650 batteries that had low internal resistance, i.e. under 50 ohms, that are required for High Discharge Rate flashlights. Not many pass, even brand names.

9. Had moisture-content below the food industry guidelines. Approximately 60% failed to comply.

10. Did not have ferric/aluminum contamination.

11. Sugar content according to its label.

So, do you need your online purchases tested? Only $35 per. Call or text me.

These are definitely worth testing:

Solar panels, sine wave inverters, floodlights, expensive ghee clarified butter, keto snacks, certain vitamin brands, all baby food, USB-powered gear, pasta, "sugar-free" food, Brazil nuts, sealed lead acid batteries.


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