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Gold, Silver & Bitcoin Set To EXPLODE Higher! | Stock Market Crash is NOT Coming - Frank Holmes

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Published on 06 Apr 2021 / In News and Politics

Gold, Silver & Bitcoin All Set To Soar To All-Time-Highs | Stock Market Crash NOT Coming - Frank Holmes
** This was recorded on 3 days before publication on March 29th*

In this video, we talk to Frank Holmes. Frank makes it clear: he does not believe a stock market crash is coming anytime soon. He says that all signs are clear to him that we are heading towards inflation, a big boost in stocks, gold, silver, and bitcoin. many people have been uneasy recently and are expecting the stock market to crash. Frank says that this is not going to happen, and that we should expect a much higher stock market, as well as an explosion of Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and more...

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