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Globalist Nurses are Replacing American Nurses that Refuse the Experimental Death Jab - 09-09-2021

Mary Tanasy
Mary Tanasy - 466 Views
Published on 10 Sep 2021 / In Film and Animation

Globalist Nurses are Replacing American Nurses that Refuse the Experimental Death Jab - 09-09-2021

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helphumanity 3 months ago

All good people should walk out of hospitals today!! More lives are being lost every day just complying with this nonsense. Hold your ground you will be vindicated soon, and the criminals held accountable. Praise God!! God has won we just gotta stand up and be counted!!

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 3 months ago

Now that youm have a Good Grasp on how many of you will be murdered in the Book of Revelation as them 2/3rds being BLADES OF GRASS by your stolen Children raised in MIDDLE EARTH,

you also need too know about that “Photo” From NORTH KOREA in the Orange PPP Suits where Orange means Grand Master of the MASON SLAVES…..., and these U.N. Troops being your Local Police and FREE MASON C.O.P.S. plus your Nations Military will be [inside] [{*}] them LEAD LINES SUITS where the 5G Frequencies and Vibrations can not Shatter their Minds as these 5G Towers and {5G Cell Phones} in your Homes will shatter your minds,

so once you see the RUBBER SUITS showing up, you know they are going to Round you Up and SHOOT TOO KILL all “nonmason” Gentiles in all Nations of the Blue Eyed Light Skins because these Rich White People with Blue Eyes must die First` for You’m are all too well educated……...,

and then you will have to contend with their Hoard of Hell from Hades with their Self Contained HALO SUITS seeing you through “CGI” as the Enemy where these children raised in the LOGANS RUN Underground Civilizations: will put on their Space Suits and shoot you dead thinking THEY LIVE are but playing the Best VR “Tactile” Holographix Video Game ever……..,

and yeah, we can shoot them dead, but those [Helmets] Qballs~ /_\ will be MAGNETICALLY Sealed on the Super Troopers whom think they are taking back PLANET EARTH from a very long Space Ship journey: since they were born and kidnapped in 2001 on 911 whom soon (THEY LIVE) [{**}] will all be 21 years of Age……., and Legal too drink’ and enjoy “Murdering” their Fellow U.S. Citizens because they are called {American Citizens} /-\ of CORPORATIONS!!!!

Just had to get this out, so I can sleep, and yeah, you will need LEAD PAINT to paint your Safe Heppa Filter Room when 5G and Chem Trails and Poisons are dumped into your LOCAL WATER SUPPLIES because this MIND WIPE is what make Agenda 2030 their Byzantine GENERAL ASSEMBLY U.N. FLAGS end game for Total Nuclear War after North Korea is Framed by these FREE MASON Lodges as OUT POST for them from INNER EARTH and the Other Side of FLAT EARTH in our shared Celestial Sphere for a Nuclear Attack on Seattle WASHINGTON USA on 11-03-2021


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