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Give Trump 2 Gold Stars

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Published on 03 Feb 2021 / In News and Politics

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'Potentially' corrupt ba****ds tried to impeach Trump twice for not being corrupt also - give him TWO gold stars.

We are not alone. We are not silenced.

All my work is a free flowing expression of thought, while that is still allowed.

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About My Other Work
Welcome, unique individual.

I am an obsessive observer of patterns, and consumer of information on all things that I am interested in - which is all things. I view material and, therefore, direct my research at the broad/archetypal connections of all things in relation to all others.

This interest consumes most of my free time, and is guided by a desire to understand fundamental truths about reality in hopes that we as humans might not unnecessarily repeat the mistakes of the past.

I also venture into daring solutions analysis for many of the problems we face.

My media outlets are used to present my subjective perspective as it currently stands in varied formats; on world affairs, philosophy, and broader matters of reality that I am still in the process of exploring and understanding.

Understanding - to me - is the process of exploring beyond the limits of what we're told to believe, and the limits of what the human psyche can comprehend at different stages in its development, until our subjective seat/view of the world aligns more closely with the phenomenon the other side of our senses - 'objective' reality.

This cannot be shown/told, as understanding is something experienced. This is why I live my life by the following guideline/rule, which I believe above all else to be fundamentally true:

"Unique perspective, built on life actuating blueprints, is the primary birthright of each individual which needs preserving."

That is why what I post here, is for you to explore and decide for or against yourself. I hope you will find something of value to you personal pursuit of truth.

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