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Getting Over It nochance finished!

Crash45 - 64 Views
Published on 27 Mar 2021 / In Gaming

This is the finished version of nochance. There were only two parts I didn't show in depth and that was the area west of orange table because it takes me a lot of attempts to nail it (missing it results a startover most of the time) and the very end. I did zoom out so you could get a glimpse of what was there. I will upload an official attempt soon with no teleporting aside from getting stuck in objects. but it will take a lot of time so i might segment it, but aside from retracing the books *again ;( * near the box shelf this is complete and has everything i want in the right places. the hardest spot is the one area by the orange table because it relies specifically on the swing physics and missing it is a 50 50 shot which side of orange car you are falling. something I really wanted was alternate paths and there are 2 places that I could think of off the top my head where i made them. In a nutshell, if you can make it to the anvil you wont have to worry about going back to the start. :D I wanted to give a shoutout to Codyummm on Youtube. He was the one that put the info out there how to mod and recreate levels. I just started doing this for fun and I will eventually have my own built map from the ground up. I love the OG layout and it's kind of a tribute thing and a lazy *I don't really feel like building this thing for a few days* thing. A shoutout to those who made the assets i used for free because that is a whole animal in itself. Another shoutout to the Legend Bennet Foddy himself for inspiring me to make hard as shit levels that test the players abilities. :) thank you. and thanks to all watching!

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