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George Floyd Attends His Own Funeral!

Objective Reality
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Published on 14 Jun 2020 / In Film and Animation

The deception never ends!

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1Ones7L7 2 hours ago

Said this ages ago but everyone call me crazy , Even down to the Gold Michael Jackson casket .

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DaWu_36 4 days ago

That’s Stephen Jackson, one of his best friends. They looked almost exactly alike.

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EntirelyJesusPress 6 days ago

The Vatican has set up statues that look like desolate people, but when you do the Freemason trick of inverting the image, entire Luciferian Freemason symbols and scenes come up. So, it's the abomination hidden in desolation. The link to the first video I made of it is here: https://ugetube.com/watch/abom....ination-of-desolatio . Also, I tried doing it to the Baphomet, and when you invert the image, turn it upside down, and mess a little with the lighting, there is a black man making two power fists, and he has a mask on, and in front of it is the medical symbol. It's all there in Satan's statue, so how could that be there unless this was the goal of Luciferians all along? Thanks for this video, though. I'm convinced, and I didn't know this. How awful. Because I remember getting mad when I watched that video, and I wanted justice too, and at the start, for the first day or two, I didn't care about the rioting, because it alleviated some of the anger I felt. But, to be tricked like that, how does anyone know what is true anymore.

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Vanny2012 6 days ago

I knew it!

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Randrewsrocks54 9 days ago

I tried to expose this back in June or July and ppl still don't believe it...its a set up!!!

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