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General Michael T. Flynn Lays Out Plan To Save America And The World

Silence Dogood
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Published on 18 Nov 2021 / In News and Politics

General Michael Flynn joins Alex Jones and Infowars to deliver an emergency plan that identifies and brings to justice the globalists entrenched in America’s government.

During this exclusive interview, Flynn breaks down how America is under attack by bad actors across the world who are aided by traitors within the country.

Also, Flynn stresses the importance for informed Americans to collectively inspire mass awareness to the globalist operation via The Great Awakening.

Watch & share this emergency plea for all good men and women to come together to stop evil and save our children's future! You can fins out more about General Flynn's Plan

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Nord 2 months ago

Dude.. Shiiiiiat cant believe ive found your channel again, never checked ugetube, canucktv and santa surfing are here too!
Nice one bruv, hope you are well!! Nord

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